Good things come in small packages.

When it comes to satisfying that sweat tooth, Booky believes in never settling. So when it comes to our favorite Cinnabon snacks and treats, we ask: Why settle for just one order when you can get two for a great price?

Dig into these flavorful on-the-go snacks, easy-to-eat Cinnachips, and cappuccino drinks and get your fill at Cinnabon and never settle again!


Cinnabon is an all time favorite with their deliciously fragrant dessert offerings that make everyday feel like Christmas all year round! Over the years, they’ve brought sweet goodness to our homes and tummies- from timeless cinnamon rolls to mashups like chocobons and pecanbons, Cinnabon is a classic.

So give yourself that much-deserved treat and enjoy these exclusive offers from Booky!

Photo from Booky
Photo from Booky
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Roll On The Go

There’s always time for Cinnabon! Try out this roll of Cinnabon’s signature cinnamon bread conveniently served for those always on the go!

Photo from Booky
Get two for only P180 P125!


Enjoy a tasty warm cup of Cappuccino perfect either on its own or as a delicious pairing to Cinnabon’s classic rolls.

Photo from Booky
Get two for only P200 P140! 

To claim your BOGO from Cinnabon, just follow the steps below:

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  2. Pick a coupon to avail
  3. Swipe to claim when ordering or Scan the QR code displayed at the branch

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