Orange you glad you have so many options?

Even though Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins that our body need, did you know that our body doesn’t make it? Hence, the reason why we need to find ways to ingest foods filled with these in order to get our daily dose of Vitamin C benefits that’ll leave us with a body that won’t get sick as easily.

When talking about foods rich in Vitamin C, it’s common knowledge that oranges are rich in this valuable vitamin. But did you know that you can get your dose of Vitamin C from other food aside from oranges? If you didn’t, check out our list of different kinds of food rich in Vitamin C and feel free to diversify your dishes to get your body healthy and happy!

Foods Where You can Get Your Dose of Vitamin C and It’s Benefits


Steamed, stir-fried, and a usual favorite, prepared at Chinese restaurants, broccoli is one of those Vitamin C rich foods that needs a little love to taste good but when well taken care of, tastes great!

Vitamin C Rich Food Brocolli
Photo from Booky

Bell Pepper

Green, red, and yellow, the many colors of bell peppers doesn’t only make the vegetable eye catching but if eaten raw, provides that very much needed crunch in a salad or a bowl of vegetables.

Red Bell Pepper in Vegetables
Photo by Akshay Chauhan on Unsplash


Prepared in a myriad of ways, tomatoes has to be one of the most diverse foods where you can get your daily dose of Vitamin C.

Tomatoes Vitamin C Rich Food
Photo from Booky


Whether you’re into salads or cheesy pizza if you need some Vitamin C and you don’t want to eat a whole fruit, then spinach is a tasty alternative.

Newly Washed Spinach
Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash


From fruit to juice, lychee is one of those underrated fruits that doesn’t only taste good but is also really healthy for you.

Lychee Fruits Rich in Vitamin C
Photo by greissdesign from Pixabay


Popularly known as “bayabas”, the guava is an essential ingredient for sinigang and other Filipino comfort food viands but at the same time is also great to eat by itself.

Vitamin C Rich Food Guava
Photo from @tuttisalvador


If you think about the benefits of papaya, getting Vitamin C isn’t usually the benefit that’s top of mind. But aside from helping you with your digestion, yes, papaya does carry a lot of Vitamin C too.

Freshly Opened Papaya
Photo from @ljg_veganrunner


A fruit that’s not locally grown, the kiwi doesn’t only carry vitamins but is also great in smoothie bowls and shakes.

Freshly Picked Kiwi
Photo from Booky


One of the OG sources of Vitamin C, the lemon’s juice in it’s purest form is one of the foods you can definitely count on for your daily dose of Vitamin C.

Lemons and Lemonade
Photo from Citrus Zone

Speaking of lemons, if you’re thirsty from this heat and need some Vitamin C in your system ASAP, go grab some lemonade!

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