Conrad’s Cafe + Grille: Filipino Food at its Finest

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Hidden in the sea of over-the-top casinos, mega-buffets, and other gigantic enterprises scattered around NAIA, one small, family-owned restaurant has quickly become a must-visit for many a traveler.

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Located along Domestic Road just minutes away from the airport terminals, Conrad’s Cafe + Grille is a casual and unassuming local joint that was built out of the owner’s unbridled love of food and sheer joy in sharing that food. Don’t be fooled by their modest set-up, however, as Conrad’s has served the likes of Manny Pacquiao and even President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Classic” is the word that comes to mind when you step through the doors of Conrad’s. Right as you enter, you are greeted by a vintage Vespa scooter, which immediately introduces you to the personality of the place.

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Fun Fact: The Vespa displayed by the entrance is the exact same model that the owner used to drive way back in the 1950s!

The inside of the restaurant is colored a warm, cozy yellow and is furnished with spacious and comfortable seating, giving Conrad ‘s that  a welcome sight after going through stress-inducing, unfriendly airports.

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Motorcycle memorabilia and other related paraphernalia straight from the owner’s own collection decorate the restaurant, a personal touch that makes you feel like you’re eating good food at the house of a good friend.

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When it comes to the food, Conrad’s believes that traditional Filipino food will always have a deep impact to all that try it. From locals to foreigners, Conrad’s seeks to serve Filipino food that can create deep connections and irreplaceable memories that their patrons can go back to.

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Being a mere stone’s throw away from the bay, you can be rest assured that Conrad’s Cafe + Grills specializes in serving only the freshest seafood. When you dine at Conrad’s, you know that you’re having the actual catch of the day.

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Insider Tip: The Sizzling Crab Meat and the Crispy Tuna Skin are favorites among regulars.

Aside from the seafood, the menu at Conrad’s is chock full of culinary classics. From Crispy Pata to Kare Kare to Bagoong Rice, Conrad’s has almost everything you could possibly ask for in Filipino dining.

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By incorporating fresh, local, and delicious flavors into every single one of their dishes, Conrad’s proves that you can elevate beloved Filipino dishes while still preserving the fun, celebratory mood that Filipino cuisine comes with.

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Of course, Conrad’s rounds out their dishes with traditional Filipino desserts. Bibingka and other kakanin are the final, sweet touches to the Conrad’s experience.

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By embracing the fun, the familiar, and the friendly, Conrad’s Cafe + Grille manages to stand out in an area focused on catering to foreign and local tastes. The next time you make that multiple hour trek to NAIA, make sure to drop by Conrad’s; it is sure to quickly become a staple part of many of your trips.

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Domestic Road, Domestic Airport, Pasay
(02) 852 7172


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