In-crepe-able flavors await at Crepeman.

Crisp on the edges and soft all the way through, crepes can be considered one of the most diverse food vessels. After all, there are only a few kinds of food that go well with different types of ingredients and can come out tasting great, sweet or savory.

Need proof? Easy, just look at some of the sweet and savory crepe combinations you can enjoy at a place that offers both these crepe variants – Crepeman Cafe.

Crepeman Facade
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Crepeman Interiors
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Sweet Crepes

Whether it’s utilizing the flavors of familiar sweet treats like Ferrero and PBJ or creating new ones like the Mango Nabana, sweet crepes aren’t only perfect snacks for sweet tooths but can also be a light dessert that’ll help you end your day on a sweeter note.

Matcha Green Tea Crepe

A flavor that’s still sweeping the nation and for good reason, matcha in crepes is a well-thought out matcha innovation that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Matcha Green Tea Crepe from Crepeman
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Mango and Banana Crepe

If you’re leaning towards sweet fruits, then a mango and banana crepe is the match made in heaven you didn’t know you wanted.

Mango and Banana Crepe from Crepeman
Photo from @wanderdream14
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Savory Crepes

Sometimes a meal in itself – complete with carbs, protein, and veggies – savory crepes are portable eats you can enjoy no matter what time it is.

Boss Longganisa Crepe

Who said you can’t have crepe for breakfast? An innovative twist on the longganisa breakfast, the boss longganisa crepe is an out-of-the-box breakfast for when you need to spice your mornings up.

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Boss Longganisa Crepe from Crepeman
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Pepperoni Pizza Crepe

Love pizza but tired of the thick bready crust of a typical pizza? Then you’ll definitely appreciate the Pepperoni Pizza Crepe, a “pizza” wherein you’re sure to get a thin crust.

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Pepperoni Pizza Crepe from Crepeman
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Now that we’ve laid down some options you can choose from, go ahead and get your cravings satisfied with these crepes!

And just in case you feel thirsty while eating, here are some cold drinks you can enjoy with your crepes!

Yocca Smoothie

Price: Get 2 XL Yocca Smoothies for only ₱105!
Yocca Smoothie from Crepeman
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Tainan Mylktea

Price: Get 2 XL Tainan Mylktea for only ₱115!
Tainan Mylktea from Crepeman
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Passion Fruit Smoothie

Price: Get 2 XL Passion Fruit Smoothie for only ₱105!
Passion Fruit Smoothie from Crepeman
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Espresso Ball

Get a potent ball of espresso served with a side of milk.

Price: Get 2 servings for only ₱125!
Espresso Ball, Milk from Crepeman
Photo from Booky

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