Cuaderno Fil-Mex Book Cafe: A Hidden After-School Spot in Malate, Manila

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For students, finding an after school spot to 1) unwind, 2) eat food that’s actually good, and 3) get some actual studying done is easier said than done. Cuaderno Fil-Mex Book Cafe in Manila, however, hits all three marks.

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Photo from Booky
Photo from Booky

When you first enter, Cuaderno looks like it’s a place for a proper fiesta with their Mexican inspired decor. However, your second step gives you a view of piled bookshelves that make it a haven for students in the area.

Insider Tip: You can read the books on the shelves while you're there but Cuaderno also has books available for sale.
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You can’t get your brain going without something to fuel it. If you are a fan of Filipino food, Mexican food, and fusion cuisines, Cuaderno is probably up your palate’s alley. The Fil-Mex restaurant boasts of a menu of innovated favorites like sisig nachos, Mexican braised beef ribs, and nacho chili con rice.

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Nacho Grande

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Cuaderno’s menu is Fil-Mex but some dishes lean more towards one or the other cuisine. Sweet & spicy lechon belly adobo, sisig tacos, and Filipino breakfast burritos are just some of the things that make their offerings so unique.

Beef and Cheese Quesadilla

Photo from Booky

Buffalo Wings

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Since they are located in the Malate-Taft area, Cuaderno is favorited by students, however, that doesn’t stop families or “adults” from the workforce from frequenting the place for a bite to eat or to catch up on some quiet reading time.

Chicken Tenders

Photo from Booky

While they aren’t late enough to accommodate your all nighters, they do serve a selection of coffees and lattes to help you stay up while studying.

Cuaderno’s Mexican Braised Ribs

Photo from Booky

You’ll also notice the intricate lettering that plaster’s Cuaderno’s walls. Getting lost in the calligraphy is a common occurence so they put up a corner in the restaurant with a basket of art-filled postcards that are for sale.

Photo from Booky

So from the hungry to the artsy to the ones that need to study, Cuaderno has something for everyone.

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Strada Street Food Park, 1013 Estrada Street, Malate, Manila
(0935) 523-6438

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