Offers from Dentacare: The Dental Clinic of the Stars

May the FLOSS be with you

Sometimes brushing and flossing just isn’t enough so when we do have problems with our teeth, it’s one of those things we just can’t delay as it’ll get worse by the day. When something happens to our winning smile, it’s only natural to go to someone we can trust.



What began as a family business back in 1994 has now turned into one of the go-to dental clinics in the country with over seven branches around Metro Manila. To be around for over 20 years already says enough; when you go to Dentacare, your teeth are sure to be in good hands.

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Ever noticed the perfect smiles of the celebrities you see on TV? A whole lot of them receive the care and quality service you’d expect at Dentacare; you could say that they’re the go-to dental clinic of the stars with personalities such as Matet de Leon, Teddy Corpuz, Vandolph, Ejay Falcon, and many more.

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Dentacare offers a variety of dental services fit for your every need; from General Dentistry to Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry (teeth whitening, veneers, overall smile design, etc.), and Orthodontics to name a few.

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State of the art equipment, comfortable treatment rooms, convenient branches, and providing fast and quality service are what make many patients stay with them. If you’re looking to drop by and have those pearly whites checked, check out their exclusive offers with Booky!

Tooth Filling with Consultation and Cleaning

Price: ₱1,999 instead of ₱2,600

Dentacare knows the importance of strong teeth. Enjoy this expertly accomplished tooth filling, cleaning, and consultation, and get strong and healthy teeth that you can definitely smile about.

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Three Cycles of Teeth Whitening with Consultation and Cleaning

Price: ₱2,999 instead of the original ₱7,498

Nothing shines brighter than a clean and confident smile! Experience Dentacare’s patented teeth-whitening treatment and get bright, white teeth over the course of three sessions. Make sure they stay white with the help of Dentacare’s take home whitening kit and complementary cleaning and consultation.

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