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Treat your skin… as if it’s your last (it really is, so treat the skin you’re in!)

Sometimes we just wish that we wake up with that #WokeUpLikeThis glow that we frequently see from our favourite Korean stars and you know what? It’s actually possible!

There is one question a number of us find ourselves asking every now and then especially when we are burdened with breakouts… it’s none other than, how to have clear skin??

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Take your skincare routine up a notch with a facial that’ll instantly give you the glow that your favourite Korean stars have!


Dermstrata, one of the biggest and trusted skin clinics in the country with over 40 branches, now offers a facial that’ll cut down your skincare routine time and make you wake up looking flawless.

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What to expect

The Korean White Glow facial is a non-invasive treatment that has a number of benefits. You’ll expect skin pigmentation to be reduced, have a more even skin tone, and lastly and more importantly… you can skip that foundation! Foundations, BB or CC creams won’t be needed anymore since this facial will give you that instant glow as if you’re already wearing your favourite cream.

Fun fact: The formula itself is dermatologically approved AND straight from Korea!

What’s the procedure like?

The Korean White Glow facial starts with Dermstrata’s signature facial. This includes cleansing with a whitening cleanser and scrub, followed by a steam, and then you’ll be presented with an option of undergoing pricking or not.

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Afterwards, a tiny vacuum will go over your face to suck up all the dead skin and debris then your pores will be tightened and sealed with smooth glides from the laser.

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Your skin is now prepped for the Korean White Glow! The aesthetician will apply the formula all over the face partnered with a microneedling machine. Don’t worry, it’s painless!

Lastly, a gold mask will then be applied to help with the absorption, it also has anti-ageing benefits!

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Results are instant! It’ll last for as long as six months and it’s advised you drop by for maintenance of your gorgeous glow. If you’re looking to combat other skin problems, you can check out some of their offers below:

Fractional Laser for Acne Scars

Experience the cutting-edge of skin treatment with Dermstrata. Clear up old acne scars and improve your look with the help Fractional Laser for Acne Scars.

Price: ₱10,500 instead of the original ₱14,999
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IPL Hair Removal (Underarm)

Hair? Nowhere! Get rid of unwanted hair in your underarms with the help of the revolutionary Intense Pulse Light service.

Price: ₱2,450 instead of the original ₱3,499
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Lumina Therapy

See the light with Lumina Therapy! Experience an advance light heat facial and minimise pores while tightening skin, helping you achieve that radiant, youthful look.

Price: ₱1,050 instead of the original ₱1,499
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Chemobrasion (3 Sessions)

Bless yourself with better skin! Try out Dermstrata’s special Chemobrasion treatment and say goodbye to dark spots and annoying scars.

Price: ₱1,960 instead of the original ₱2,800
Photo from Dermstrata

Nano Gold Ultima

Enjoy treatment from all over the world courtesy of Dermstrata. Give your skin that picture-perfect glow and reduce signs of aging with a Nano Gold Ultima serum straight from Switzerland.

Price: ₱875 instead of the original ₱1,249
Photo from Dermstrata

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