Para ‘pag nakita mo na si crush, ‘di ka takot to show how happy they make you.

We’ve all experienced this: When we’re in a bad mood and someone, especially someone you like, smiles at you and suddenly you feel much better compared to a few minutes ago all because of a smile.

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There are so many wonders a smile can hold and even more benefits if you smile often such as: improving your mood; making you look happier, younger, and more attractive; boosting your immune system; lowering your blood pressure, and more. All the more reason for you to smile more often right?

Girl Smiling
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But if you’re insecure about how your teeth looks, why not use the spare time you have during the quarantine to make those pearly whites as white and shiny as possible! And since you can go to the dentist anytime soon, you can try out these teeth whitening tips you can DIY at home.

Important note: If you really want to whiten your teeth, it's best that you consult with your dentist on the steps to take, products you should use, or ask if your planned DIY procedure is safe for your oral health. Remember, it's more important to have healthy teeth than white teeth!

Brush and Floss Well

It’s a no brainer. There’s a reason why your dentist always asks if you brush and floss. Brushing and flossing removes the dirt and plaque in between your teeth that makes it look dirty. Though it doesn’t necessarily help in making your teeth white, cleaner teeth are much “whiter” to look at then dirty ones.

Toothbrush and toothpaste
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Add Baking Soda to Your Toothpaste

Research shows that baking soda helps in removing plaque and stains caused by drinking coffee/tea or eating dark colored food.

Can't get enough of coffee or tea? Pro tip: Drink through a reusable straw to prevent the drink from staining your teeth. 

Baking soda
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Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is using oil to wash your mouth in order to remove bacteria and dirt. According to research, this is more effective when you accompany it with proper brushing.

Oils you may use for pulling: coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil. 

Coconut Oil
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Eat the Right Types of Food

From vegetables to fruits and even drinks, there are certain types of food that’ll keep your pearly whites looking clean, shiny, and bright.

Some of these fruits/vegetables you can eat to get pearly whites are: apples, pineapples, celery, broccoli, cheese, and strawberries.

Fruits and Vegetables
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Rinsing Mouth with an Apple Cider Vinegar Solution or Lemon Solution

If you’re looking to pinch some pennies and to really do DIY teeth whitening on a budget, then gargling with an apple cider vinegar solution or lemon solution is the way to go.

Note: Doing this step too often may destroy the enamel and might cause damage to your teeth and gums.

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