A board game cafe you shouldn’t ignore.

Board game cafes have been popping out all over Metro Manila, but some of them prove to really stand out. In just a little over a year, this cafe and bar has become a go-to spot for students and yuppies who wanna bond and eat non-stop. Hint: If you’re a non-gamer, they might just convert you.

Dyce N Dyne – Now closed

Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @nyimineutron

DyceNDyne opened at the Elements Building, Pasig Blvd. in February of 2015. Despite being somewhat hidden, you will rarely see an empty table or seat. Haven’t tried them yet? Find out what you’ve been missing with these 11 cool facts:

1. Hundreds of board games

It includes crowd-favorites like Cards Against Humanity, Resistance, and even Marvel Legendary.

Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @chasing.after.dandelions
Cards Against Humanity
Photo from @tsurmpoorado

2. Gaming relations officers

Insider tip: They’re called GROs. No need to read long mechanics, let the coaches explain instead!

Photo from @mawijuana

3. Steampunk-themed interiors

They have cozy, air-conditioned indoor seating, breezy outdoor seating, and a hidden second floor.

Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @raidizon

4. Espresso concoctions, cocoa emulsions

Stay caffeinated and get sugar rushed with their delicious Matcha Espresso and Milo Dinosaur.

Photo from @ohziedaisy
Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @geannevalmeo

5. Signature tea formulas by Chemistea

They come in cool Erlenmeyer flasks. Try their Green Kiwi Fruitea and Toffee Nut Milk Tea.

Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @pkarrenclaire

6. Make your own tea formula

Aside from their signature tea formulas, you can create your own experimental tea for just Php115!

Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @starrlabear

7. Food selection by Vyne‘s chefs

Insider tip: Their dishes are named after famous games. Try their Nachos Against Humanity and Chicken Skin of Avalon.

Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @wheninmanila

8. Shots and mixed drinks

Get their Vodka Red Bull or a Johnnie Black shot. Their drinks even hang from the ceiling.

Photo from @zialaters

9. No WiFi

Talk and hangout all you want! Their no wifi rule encourages real bonding.

Photo from @teeendelacruz

10. No pay-to-play rule

No separate playing fee here! Just make sure each person has a food/drink order.

Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @lezahrivera
Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @missdamze

11. Secret board game shop

On the second floor, you’ll see a hidden shop where you can buy rare board games and toys.

Dyce N Dyne
Photo from @janarias

On top of all that, many of their regulars have already built a great community of gamers, eager to meet newcomers and non-gamers alike. Can’t wait to bond with friends and family at DyceNDyne? Check them out on the Booky app! Add them to your Must Try list so you could access their details instantly.

You can also search for “BOARD GAME” on the Booky app to get an instant list of cafes and bars offering board games all over the metro.

Reservations are accepted
View their Instagram account
Unit #3 Rosemarie, Elements Bldg Pasig Blvd, Pineda,Pasig
+63 906 307-8465