Egg-semplary dishes right here!

A truly versatile ingredient, eggs are easy to easy and even easier to customize as seen in the number of recipes and eggs dish specialties from all around the world.

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Looking for ways to change up your breakfast/brunch dishes? Check out these international egg dish recipes that are more than usual scrambled eggs or sunny side up eggs.

Frittata – Italy

An open-faced version of an omelet, the frittata which means “to fry” is an egg dish that usually cooked in a skillet and eaten for brunch. Some of the usual ingredients added into a frittata are mean, cheese, veggies, and even pasta.

Kuku Sabzi – Persia

The Persian version of a frittata, the kuku sabzi is an egg dish that can be either sweet or savory depending on the ingredients you decide to use. If you prefer the sweet version, some of the ingredients you should use are dates and dried roses. However, if you want savory, you can use a variety of your favorite herbs like the recipe below.

Tortilla de Patatas – Spain

Tortilla de Patatas is an egg dish that originated from Spain that puts two of the best versatile ingredients together: eggs and potatoes (and of course, a few more ingredients). It’s the perfect dish to make especially if you have limited ingredients in your pantry.

Quiche Lorraine – Germany

Derived from the word “kuchen” meaning cake, the quiche Lorraine is an egg dish similar to a frittata but with a pie base. They say that the quiche Lorraine originally didn’t have cheese and is best eaten at room temperature.

Soufflé Omelet – France

The soufflé omelet which was said to be created by La Mére Poulard is a simple egg dish that’s light, fluffy but still packs a punch when all you’re looking for is the taste of savory eggs.

Tamagoyaki – Japan

A Japanese egg dish that balances both sweet and savory, the tamagoyaki which literally means “egg cooked over dry heat”, involves layering eggs thinly much like a crepe.

Fun fact: Normally, tamagoyaki doesn't need additional ingredients. 

Gyeran Mari – Korea

A more customizable version of the tamagoyaki, the gyeran mari from Korea is an egg dish that you can customize and is best paired with rice or kimchi stew.

Anda Bhurji or Egg Bhurji – India

A staple dish cooked mostly by students because it’s both cheap and easy, anda bhurji or egg bhurji in English is India’s version of an omelet complete with a dash of spices and common ingredients like onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and more.

Gyeranjjim or Dalgyaljjim – Korea

Gyerranjjim or Dalgyaljjim is a Korean egg dish that may be more familiar as a side dish or banchan to main Korean dishes.

Note: If you don't have a ttukbaegi (the pot that they cook the egg in), any casserole pot will do. 

Chawanmushi – Japan

A packed version of the gyeranjjim, the chawanmushi is a Japanese egg dish that serves as more of an appetizer or main dish than a side dish. Compared to its Korean counterpart, the chawanmushi involves adding more ingredients into the egg mixture.

Oeuffs en Cocotte – France

Oeuffs en Cocotte or “eggs in a pot” is a French egg dish that involves steaming eggs with a variety of ingredients in ramekins at a low temperature. Usually eaten at brunch, the oeuffs en cocotte was once known as shirred eggs because of the dish it was cooked in, in the past.

Huevos Rancheros – Mexico

A Mexican dish perfect for those who love their beans, tortilla, and salsa, the huevos rancheros is an egg dish that’ll surely satisfy your craving for Mexican food during this trying times.

Shakshouka – North Africa

Usually eaten during breakfast in Israel, the shakshouka is a dish of eggs surrounded by a flavorful blend of tangy tomato sauce and spicy paprika and cayenne. This dish is said to be best eaten with bread.

Menemen – Turkey

If you have a preference for scrambled eggs but you still want to try shakshuka, then menemen is the egg dish for you. It’s an egg dish where you scramble eggs in a sauce made with tomatoes, green peppers, and cheese. Much like the shakshouka, however, the menemen is also said to be best eaten with bread.

Dan Hua Tang – China

A comfort food dish in China, the egg drop soup is a humble three-ingredient egg dish consisting of eggs, broth, and spring onions, you’ll enjoy when you’re in need of something warm yet flavorful.

Tip: Here's a recipe on how to make your own chicken broth. 

Eggs Benedict – Origin Unknown

No brunch is complete without this iconic egg dish: the eggs benedict. A poached egg resting on top of bacon on top of English muffins and covered in rich hollandaise sauce, this dish is a must-eat for those who want a little bit of fancy in their meals.

Egg Salad Sandwich – Origin Unknown

Quick and easy, the egg salad sandwich is perfect for those who are on the go (and by on the go we mean those who can’t be bothered to cook an elaborate meal for lunch or dinner) or those who are looking for a filling snack.

Scottish Egg – Origin Unknown

A dish that didn’t originate from Scotland despite having Scottish in its name, the Scottish Egg is a dish that’s said to be the perfect drunk food, especially in England because of its fatty, bready, crispy, greasy, full of protein, and easy to eat quality.

Egg in a Hole – Origin Unknown

The simplest of the egg dishes – excluding cooking an egg in a pan – the egg in a hole is a quick egg dish that bread and egg lovers will enjoy.

Fun fact: There are at least 66 names for this dish.

Deviled Eggs – Origin Unknown

A popular hors d’ouevres at parties, deviled eggs is an egg dish that’ll test both your dexterity and your food creativity.

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