These offers pack a punch!

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a boxing champion? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new and fun way to destress, get some cardio in, and improve your physical coordination while you’re at it?

If you’ve ever been interested in stepping inside the ring or simply just punching something, then maybe it’s time to try boxing with Booky! Train like a champion and save like a pro with the help of our great offers and discounts from one of the country’s premier boxing brands: Elorde Boxing Gym.


Elorde Boxing Gym – multiple branches

Named after world famous boxer, Gabriel “Flash” Elorde, Elorde Boxing Gym has been offering boxing and Muay Thai training for wannabe professional boxers or fitness enthusiasts for four decades now.

Their interiors are spacious and they have complete equipment for cardio exercises or for the sessions that they offer. To know what those are, check down below.

Boxing Sessions

Heavily focused on proper technique, cardiovascular endurance, speed, dexterity, and continuous movement, the trainers at Elorde provide opportunities to be trained in and out of the ring using traditional boxing equipment, drills, and focused mitt sessions.

Offers vary from branch to branch

Muay Thai Sessions

Involving a blur of fists, elbows, knees, and shins, Muay Thai is focused on generating maximum torque and engages a full range of motion which can result in improved cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Offers vary from branch to branch 

CORE Fitness Classes

The CORE (Compound Optimal Resistance Exercise) program utilizes resistance exercise to result in a strong core, improved strength, enhanced coordination, increased motor reaction, promote local muscular endurance, and improve anaerobic capacity.

Offers vary from branch to branch 

Elorde Boxing Gym Las Pinas – Talon Dos

If you’re from the Talon Dos area in Las Pinas, then we’ve got some great news for you! You can start training like a champ with the help of Elorde Boxing Gym’s Las Pinas branch! From boxing to Muay Thai, you’re sure to get some knock out savings on the Booky app.

Boxing Session for One/ Two

Get up to 50% off on Elorde Las Pinas’ boxing sessions for one or two people! Pay only P350 P175 for one person or P750 P349 for two people!

Muay Thai Session for One/ Two

Get up to 50% off on Elorde Las Pinas’ boxing sessions for one or two people! Pay only P500 P250 for one person or P1000 P499 for two people!

Looking for other Elorde branches near you? Follow the links below and get started on your journey to be the champ!

Elorde Boxing Gym – multiple branches

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