The Bald Baker shares his story.


Cy Ynares has had an interesting life. After growing up in Washington DC, he moved back to the Philippines and took a Pastry Arts course in ISCAHM (International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management).

Instead of going right into food though, Cy ended up working in advertising for 8 years until he got burned out. After a bit of soul searching and traveling (and partying), he started Bald Baker in 2013.


1. After years of working in a demanding advertising job, Cy didn’t like the idea of being idle for too long.
2. Cy would have late night sweet cravings that needed satisfying (don’t we all?).


Cy’s mom used to work at a cookie shop when he was growing up in the US. She would bring home leftover cookie dough and he would bake it at home. Inspired by that memory, Cy decided to make cookies.

CY SAYS: “I came up with the name Bald Baker because I felt it suited me well. FYI – I’ll most likely never have hair again (props to my Dad and his DNA – Hahaha)”


Soft & Chewy.
Full of interesting textures. That’s why Cy’s cookies have so many different toppings and inclusions.
Shouldn’t be overly sweet. Some companies mask the lack of the intended flavor with sugar and sweetness.

CY SAYS: “ [A good cookie] should somehow make you want to eat more than just one in one sitting.”


Organic growth. Cy used just give cookies to his friends who visited him at home and word got out until people eventually started asking if they could order.
Being active on social media. Cy posts regularly and does his best to reply to inquiries ASAP.
Keep improving and experimenting. Don’t be satisfied with what’s good enough. Always try to get better.

CY SAYS: “I kept revising the [cookie] recipes in hopes of making it better.”


Join GOOD food fairs and bazaars. Best Food Forward in 2014 turned out to be a great launching pad for The Bald Baker. Cy sold out both days and got a lot of exposure, with people raving about his cookies.
Get good kitchen help. This can be a really big challenge.
Hands-on work. As they say, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself, especially when it comes to the little things.

CY SAYS: “I’m very particular about the details of everything. To this day, I’m still the one doing everything – from grocery shopping, making the dough, baking, packing, and washing the dishes. ALL ME.”


✓ For cookies – Compost Cookie, Orange Miso, Black Sesame Matchallow
Choco Chip Banana Loaf

CY SAYS: “I’m actually in R&D now trying to finish a few more flavors, but I will be making my new baby – the Milo Dinosaur available for orders this coming April 25.”

Inspired yet? We sure are– to order some cookies, that is. Have you tried the Bald Baker’s cookies? Share your recommendations with us in the comments section below. Tag us on Instagram @bookyapp  @thebaldbakerph with beautiful hand-held shots of your favorite flavors!

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