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We’ve encountered a number of hidden gems in the restaurant scene here in Manila but our latest find knocks all others out of the park.

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Fino Deli is an Italian-Spanish restaurant in little old Marikina that, for lack of a better term, is wine crazy. We’re not joking—from bottles to corks to wine-themed word art, the place is decked out in your favorite vintage wines.

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Getting to Fino Deli will take you through some of the lesser known roads of Marikina. Right about the time when you’re doubting that you’re actually in the right place, Fino Deli will magically appear and it’s a sight for sore eyes.

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Fino Deli’s classy structure of an old, wooden house with large glass windows looks like a scene from the enchanted forest. Upon entering the restaurant, it looks like you’re going to be dining with medieval royalty—heavy wooden tables, dark leather clad seats, and a shower of different wine glasses on every table.

Photo from Booky
Photo from Booky

In fact, the 80-seater Fino Deli is built on the foundations of a house; the tabletops are made of what used to be the house’s hardwood floors. There’s al fresco seating at either side of the resto and a function room in the back that you canr ent out for private events.

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As enchanting as Fino Deli is, they just want to be your home away from home with good food and even better wine. Most of their regulars often come in their house clothes and it’s a-okay with everyone.

Mozzarella Tower

Tower of deep fried breaded mozzarella with pomodoro sauce

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Cinco Queso

Five kinds of cheese with creamy white sauce

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The dishes that come out of the kitchen look like they were flown in from Rome or Barcelona. The choice to go for an Italian-Spanish menu was a step in the right direction because even if many of the items are quite familar, Fino Deli sets the right vibe—from the setting, staff, and servings— to make you really savor every bite.

Carbonara Souffle

Linguine pasta with crispy bacon and parmesan cream sauce topped with an egg souffle

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Fun Fact: The chefs at Fino Deli are all homegrown and trained in the Philippines!

Tomahawk Pork Chop

Grilled Tomahawk pork chop with sweet balsamic sauce and our signature mushroom risotto

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Fino Deli started out as a wine importer. They were one of two importers in the Philippines who brought in rare kinds of wine. They’ve since grown to incorporate a restaurant and a larger collection of wines, some of which are displayed in a glass cellar in the dining area.

Fun Fact: Asks the servers for trivia about your food or wine. Put their sommelier skills to the test!
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Their bestsellers include the Mozzarella Tower, Carbonara Souffle, Cinco Queso, Tomahawk Pork Chop, and the Fino Platter. If you’re looking for something a little more catered to your personal taste, Fino Deli also offers a Create Your Own Platter option.

Fino Platter

Choose 5 from their wide variety of cheeses and cold cuts (200 grams each)

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Wine Milkshake

Choose from Strawberry Merlot or Banana Reisling

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For you wine lovers, there is an impressive wine collection from all over the world. You can order a botttle to be served at your table or buy a vintage to bring home. Be sure to try their WINE MILKSHAKE. It sounds weird but it’s worth it!


Homemade Traditional Sangria filled with chopped fresh fruits to satisfy your thirst

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Trust us when we say that you have to visit Fino Deli. It’s been weeks since our last visit and we’re still drooling over them!

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151 Dao St, Marikina Heights, Marikina
(02) 997-5024

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