Are you ready to rumble?

I never liked playing sports. The sweat, the feeling of breathlessness, and the exhaustion? Not a good look for me. Recently, however, boxing has become a trendy workout within the modeling world with famous names like Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima swearing by it.

So, when I was challenged to try boxing for the first time, I was excited to see what the fuss was all about. Let me tell you, it was definitely worth the pain. Here’s what to expect on your first boxing session and why you should give it a try.

Elite Boxing Interior with punching bags
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What can I expect?

Be prepared to sweat. A lot. What no one tells you is that boxing is a full-body workout. I made the mistake of forgetting to bring a workout towel to the boxing gym, which was very gross, considering I was drenched in sweat.

 Insider Tip: Bring one or even two workout towels.

If you’re trying out boxing for the first time and don’t have the right gear, no need to fret. Boxing gyms usually lend hand wraps and gloves to their clients, but it’d be nice to have your own equipment once you’ve started getting serious about the sport.

What exactly happens?

To start off, you’ll be doing an intense cardio warm-up to get the heart rate up. Followed by the session’s highlight, which is putting on the gloves and jumping into the ring. Here, the boxing coach will demonstrate the basics. This includes proper form, correct footwork, and punching techniques.

Elite Boxing Ring
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Then, you’ll finally begin sparring and combining what you learned from your coach!

Remember: Don't sweat the small stuff, especially if you're new to the sport! Not everyone gets it right the first time. 
Boxing Hand Wrap
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During my experience, there was even a point where I had to pause and laugh, because the combos were getting really confusing. Luckily, Coach Arlo from Elite Boxing and Muay Thai was incredibly helpful to correct my stance and remind me which directions to jab at or pivot to. 

Fun Fact: Coach Arlo Chavez is the Head Boxing Coach of Elite Boxing and Muay Thai and competed at the 1992 Summer Olympics.

After that, you’ll do a moderate core-strengthening ab workout. A lot of shaking and sweating might happen, but it’ll get so much easier once you move along. By the end of the session, you’ll be rewarded with a very satisfying post-workout stretch (and back cracking!). This is the best part, because your body will feel rejuvenated and revitalized!

What does boxing do?

A big boxing myth is that boxing is just an arm workout. After attending a few weeks of boxing sessions, you’ll notice that your legs, core, back, shoulders, and arms will be way more sculpted. Plus, with all that complex movement, you’ll be able to improve your balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility.

Insider Tip: Boxing is also a great cardio workout since it torches hundreds of calories in just an hour. You can burn up to 13 calories a minute. 
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Boxing is not only effective for reaching your fitness goals, it is also a huge stress-reliever. For one, focusing on your strength and coordination will clear your mind from work stuff. Second, the rush of endorphins (or happy hormones) will help you let go of all that stress and tension you’ve been holding onto.

Lastly, boxing is a great gateway to healthy living. After one session, I started working out more and eating healthier. Seeing myself overcome one big obstacle gave me the confidence to challenge myself constantly. Overall, it was a fulfilling experience that I would do again.

Where can I go boxing?

Elite Boxing and Muay Thai has branches in Pasig, Quezon City, and Makati. With highly-trained coaches (and we mean, Olympian levels), you’ll be able to take your fitness journey to the next level and reach your untapped boxing potential.

Elite Boxing and Muay Thai Interior with clients and professionals
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Insider tip: Get a Boxing Session for just ₱450 ₱199!

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