Top 10 Most Loved Pilates Studios in Metro Manila

6 days ago

Gentle exercises for the perfect, balanced body!

The Booky Guide to the Top Dance Studios in Metro Manila

2 weeks ago

Shut up and dance (with me)! 

Best Food to Eat Before You Work Out

3 weeks ago

It’s all about them gains

6 Workout Tips for When you’re on your Period

4 weeks ago

It’s that time of the month again. . .

Top Rock Climbing Gyms in Metro Manila

4 weeks ago

It’s the climb!

Discover a City run by kids at KidZania Manila!

4 weeks ago

Try out this one-of-a-kind family-friendly experience at BGC

Want to be the Next Darna? Try out Jane De Leon’s Superhero Workout!

4 weeks ago

Skip the magic stone and head straight to the gym!

Top Trampoline Parks in Metro Manila

4 weeks ago

When I say “JUMP,” you say . . .?

The Top 5 Laser Tag Spots in Metro Manila

4 weeks ago

Find the best places for a fun and adrenaline-fueled round of laser tag!

Discover our Top 10 Muay Thai gyms in Metro Manila

4 weeks ago

Master the Art of the Eight Limbs with Booky!

Discover How to Lose Weight with these 5 Effective Diet Plans

1 month ago

From Keto to Intermittent Fasting, read on about your diet before you do-it!

Get Fit and Have Fun with these Popular Fitness Offers!

1 month ago

From spin classes to wall climbing, it’s time to get sweaty with Booky!

Booky’s Guide on Where to Workout in Pasig

1 month ago

Discover the best places to get sweaty in Pasig and Mandaluyong!

9 Vitamin Drip Bars to Enhance your Fitness

1 month ago

Came through drippin’– DRIIP, DRIIP!

Limited Time 1+1 Offers Just For You & Your BFF!

1 month ago

Two is better than one!

I tried a Girls-Only gym in Metro Manila for the First Time!

1 month ago

Cue the Beyonce music and put on your trainers!

Booky’s Guide to Working Out in Quezon City

1 month ago

Get your sweat-on in Quezon!

Booky’s Guide to Working Out in Makati

1 month ago

Back at it again with the white trainers!

Basketball Courts in Metro Manila You Can Rent!

1 month ago

Find the best basketball courts in the Metro!

Go through the 4 Stages of Fear at Asylum Manila

1 month ago

What are you afraid of?

Try out this Spiderman: Far From Home workout and feel like a superhero!

2 months ago

Even Tom Holland couldn’t do Jake Gyllenhaal’s insane workout

Booky’s Guide to Working Out in BGC

2 months ago

Surrounded by good food, community friendly living spaces, and an energetic night life— Bonifacio Global City’s got it all!

5 Easy Yoga Stretches You can do at work!

2 months ago

Nothing beats a good streeeeeetch!

6 of the Best Archery Spots in Metro Manila!

2 months ago

We’ve hit bullseye baby!

Booky’s Ultimate Guide to Boxing Gyms in Metro Manila

2 months ago

“Pacman” your way into fitness!

Why your Next Barkada Hangout should be at Trampoline Park

2 months ago

Ever wonder what it feels like to fly?

Discover Art in Island: Cubao’s Interactive 3D Museum!

2 months ago

Have a picture-filled day with incredible 3D drawings and more!

Booky’s Guide to the Top Yoga Studios in Metro Manila

2 months ago

Whether you’re into hot yoga or asana serenity, find the perfect yoga studio for you!

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