Find out all you need to know about Bungee Workouts

9 hours ago

Jump into a unique fitness experience!

Everything You Need to Know about The Mind Museum

1 day ago

Rediscover this classic BGC destination!

Experience the Rockwell lifestyle at Rockwell Atletica!

4 days ago

Show out and workout at one of Makati’s top gyms

Pick the Best Time for Your Workouts!

2 weeks ago

Make sure your next workout works out!

30 Minute Workouts You can do in a Snap!

2 weeks ago

Try out these fast and easy ways to lose weight

Discover the Top 24/7 Gyms in Metro Manila

3 weeks ago

Finds the best places to workout anytime, anywhere!

10 Out of the Ordinary Activities You Can Only Find in Manila

4 weeks ago

From float pods to pole dancing, Metro Manila has one-of-a-kind experiences for everybody!

The Booky Guide to the Top Dance Studios in Metro Manila

1 month ago

Shut up and dance (with me)! 

Be a Real Life Action Star at Jethro Indoor Shooting Range

1 month ago

It’s time to turn those action fantasies into a reality!

The Booky Beginner’s Guide to Boxing

2 months ago

What to expect before the bell rings

Don’t Sweat It: Discover the hidden Benefits of Sweating!

2 months ago

Not your usual sweat-er weather

Fly high and defy gravity at Polecats Manila

2 months ago

Don’t accept limits just because someone says they’re so!

It’s all about the climb at Climb Central in Mandaluyong

2 months ago

There’s always gonna be another mountain, or in this case, another wall

10 of the Most Loved Boxing Gyms in Metro Manila

3 months ago

Punch your way through the weekdays!

Omega Fitness Offers For Your Overall Health & Fitness

3 months ago

Let’s get FIT-sical!

These deals from YogaFit will help you overcome your stress

3 months ago

Believe in yourself because YOGAt it!

Ziba Wellness Center’s got a gym, and other things, to help you with your fitness and self-care

3 months ago

They’re like the SM of wellness, because they’ve got it all for you

Let your arrows fly, and battle with your friends at Archery Attack

3 months ago

You should aim to try this out with your friends

From zero to hero: Achieve fitness greatness at Underdog Fitness PH

3 months ago

Get unlimited access to lots of fitness classes and more!

Hit Them with Your Best Shot with these Offers from Elorde Boxing Gym!

4 months ago

Pay less, get more for 3 passes from 3 classes!

8 Exercises You Can Do In Bed When You Just Want to Stay In

4 months ago

Don’t snooze, just lose (those calories)!

7 of the Most Loved Indoor Cycling Studios in Metro Manila

4 months ago

Cycle through this list and try a class now!

Top 10 Most Loved Pilates Studios in Metro Manila

4 months ago

Gentle exercises for the perfect, balanced body!

9 of the Most Loved Pole Dancing Studios in Metro Manila

4 months ago

Let your inner sexy side out to dance!

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