Let’s keep it clean, and keep on eating!

Even though the pandemic had derailed us all and placed the world on standstill, 2020 had given us plenty of creative food options. From Tiktok recipes to full-on menu meals, we’ve seen how boredom can lead to productivity and creativity. Thus, we believe that 2021 will be a continuation of that.

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Although things are looking more and more hopeful as vaccines are being rolled out, we’re pretty sure that most people are still going to be cautious – which we think is still necessary as we haven’t really seen the end of the tunnel just yet. That’s why our predictions for 2021 will include a lot of new normal food trends and dining experiences.

Plant-based Food

A vegan/vegetarian menu option in a restaurant isn’t really new. But what makes this time different is that even some of our favorite fast food joints are beginning to jump on the bandwagon.

We’ve seen them introduced plant-based versions of their bestsellers last year, and we think this will continue on throughout this new year. From Burger King’s Plant-based Whopper to Shakey’s GOOOD Burger, this trend is nowhere near close to dying down any time soon.

Something we’re hoping to pass by our shores is KFC’s plant-based version of their famous fried chicken. Currently, they’re only available in Singapore for a limited time only.

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Photo from @burgerkingph

Meal Kits & More

The F&B industry is one of the many that was greatly affected by the pandemic last year. With no warning or any preparations at all, restaurants had to quickly devise a plan on how they can survive and adapt to the new normal. Many having to expand into take-out and delivery for their restaurant dishes, and this trend will most likely continue.

In 2021, however, we feel like it will evolve as restaurants are creating new and interesting ways to bring the restaurant experience to life at home. This will include ready-to-cook meals to full-on food trays. Definitely excited to see how many creative takeaway options will emerge from our favorite restaurants this 2021.

Some of the restaurants that have already started offering these options include The Moment Group restaurants and Lowbrow Casual Restaurants.

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Photo from Facebook | Papa Pancitan


As much as we love boards of any kind, we’re still in the time of a pandemic where social distancing is pretty much the key to fighting it. These charcuterie-placed-into-jars are the best new normal adaption to one of our favorite indulgences.

According to an interview with Suzanne Billings of US-based charcuterie and grazing board company Noble Graze who came up with the concept, “I came up with the jarcuterie concept as another single-serve option during the pandemic, and it just took off like wildfire.”

Though the trend started last year in the US, we’re certain that it’s already here. But if not, well then, maybe we should start making them now.

Photo from Home Chef Deli PH

Local Interpretations

Filipinos are very creative individuals. Add to that a country that’s rich in history and culture, and you’ll get some of the best outputs there is including food interpretations.

There are already a lot of Filipino-fusion cuisines but if last year was any indication, we’ll be seeing more local interpretations of foreign dishes such as local artisanal donuts from Rogue Doughnuts and the burnt bibingka cheesecake from Tailored Sweets PH. Plus, what’s great about this trend is that it will help promote and push our other local industries further as well.

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Neighborhood Al-fresco Dining

We’re certainly excited about this!

Since it’s much safer to eat outdoors than indoors, we’re most likely be seeing a lot of restaurants offering an al-fresco dining experiencestill following all health and safety guidelines. From pop-ups to full-on outdoor set-ups, this dining experience will certainly see a surge especially in the metro where we can only count a few restaurants that do them (even before the pandemic).

One of our favorites is Rockwell’s Streetside al-fresco dining where restaurants such as Mamou, Barcino, Café Via Mare, a mano, Teppan Okochi, Single Origin, and Ooma create a neighborhood type of al-fresco dining. This is usually set up every weekend (Fridays to Sundays) along Lopez Drive in Rockwell Center, Makati City.

Photo from Facebook | Power Plant Mall

Immunity Food

2019 saw gut health as a priority. Last year, it was all about being and staying healthy. Although this year will pretty much continue that, we have a feeling that people will be more into eating immunity-boosting foods rather than following food diet fads.

Immunity foods are foods rich in probiotics, and high in prebiotics, vitamin c, zinc, and antioxidants. These include naturally fermented foods like Kimchi, Kombucha, Yogurt, and even Sourdough. Some of the ingredients you can look into when making your own or ordering from restaurants include are red bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, almonds, garlic, Tumeric, and citrus fruits.

Photo from Facebook | Boochamama

The year has just begun so we’re pretty sure a lot can come out of it especially when it comes to food. Even if these trends don’t come true, we’re still excited about what 2021 has to offer. So, tell us your 2021 food trend forecast, and let’s see if it’ll come true!

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