We’ve got 2020 vision.

In 2019, there was a fair share of new food trends that had us shaking. A lot of last year’s food trends were defined by convenient indulgence⁠— with the rise of food delivery apps and comprehensive food halls, for instance. Some of us also refused plastic straws in 2019 to convince ourselves that we weren’t completely garbage humans. We really tried, okay?

And we did actually correctly predict some of the food trends of 2019 like the infamous brown sugar milk tea, food delivery apps, and even Southeast Asian cuisine. But now that that’s over, we’ve made a few fearless forecasts on what we’re eating in 2020 and we’re pretty excited! Check it out:

Vegan Dishes

You probably tried to go vegan last year, but “loved meat too much.” Well, now that it’s 2020, we’ve only just vegan. Because we predict that vegan dishes will be unstoppable this year. (This is not to be confused with Vigan Longganisa, so don’t even look for any loopholes). In particular, we think meat substitutes will have their time to shine.

What makes us say that? In July 2019, Sweet Ecstasy came out with their Beyond Ecstasy Vegan Burger, which made a whole lot of ruckus on the internet. Not to mention, Poblacion’s popular nightcap bar El Chupacabra launched their own vegan menu late last year, too— with options ranging from soy chorizo tacos to vegan cheese enchiladas. This year, we predict an influx of vegan restaurants and even popular chains following along with meat-free meals.

Photo from @sweetxmanila

Fancy Tasting Menus

Every year seems to be the pinnacle for high-end Philippine cuisine, but for totally different reasons. This year, it’s all about Dégustation Tasting Menus. (Hold on while we quickly and anxiously Google what that means).

A dégustation tasting menu (n) - a collection of small dishes served one after the other, typically called "courses." 

Although you’ll most likely still be starving by the end of it, it seems like it’d be a fun experience to pretend you’re bougie for one night. Plus, why not join in on the trend since we think it will be all the rage this year?

What makes us say that? Restaurants known for their tasting menus such as Mecha Uma, Toyo Eatery, and Foo’d by Davide Oldani have become the basis for Metro Manila’s fine dining scene. Because of them, restaurants like Beso Beso and Metiz who also offer tasting menus have recently popped up. And if we’re correct, many others will follow suit, as well.

Photo from @mechauma

Healthy Milk Tea Alternatives?

Milk tea tayo.” Those three dreaded words, knowing you’re on the first day of your diet. Most of the time, all you can do is let it happen and realize that the only boba there is, is you. Because you’ve ruined the diet you should have started a year ago yet again. But there’s good news, because this 2020, we predict a small getaway from the craze. 

What makes us say that? One word: Koomi. Okay, before you start smashing on your keyboard, hear us out. The drink was a total hit in Australia and now that it’s on our shores, people enjoy the guiltless pleasure that the yogurt drink has to offer. Not to say that we won’t have our dose of milk tea, but that alternatives such as yogurt or even plant milk drinks will definitely stop the umay.

Photo from @ayaileen


First of all, hindi ganyan na ghosting. A ghost kitchen happens to be a professional food preparation and cooking facility made for delivery-only meals. Basically, a team receives your online orders and cooks it in a kitchen. We know, it sounds like a creepy Black Mirror episode, but it’s not so bad. And if we’re correct, this might even be how a lot of people around the world receive their food very soon.

What makes us say that? Restaurants have been taking a hard blow because of food delivery services. People just want to watch really bad Netflix originals while eating their Chinese takeout nowadays. And now, Ghost Kitchens have weirdly become a thing.

Photo from @cheftimony

Bitter ka, Ghorl?

You are what you eat. And this year, we’re bitter. Sure, we’re all about being the bigger person— but the only bigger person we’ll be is 20 pounds heavier since the breakup. Charot. Anyway, you might expect ampalaya, dark chocolate or cacao, coffee, and tea to come up in many dishes this year.

What makes us say that? European chefs are now making the move on flavor profiles that fall outside their comfort zone, so it’s high time we say good-bye to overly salty and sweet dishes for now.

Photo from Booky

₱9,500+ Sandwich

Made famous by Wagyumafia, the famed katsu sando is made with wagyu beef that’s lightly fried and breaded in panko, pillowy white bread, and a soy-vinegar sauce. We’ve got a feeling that the famed Japanese pork cutlet sandwich will make its big break in Metro Manila this year.

What makes us say that? Well, Wagyumafia’s Wagyu Katsu Sandwich is coming to the Philippines soon and there’s been a ton of buzz about it for months. Although Wagyumafia’s Katsu Sando isn’t close to being affordable, we think this sandwich is set to steal hearts anyway! Oh, and did we mention it costs almost ₱10,000?

Photo from @wagyumafia

Tell us your 2020 food predictions in the comments section below. Don’t forget to tag @bookyapp, and let’s see if they come true!

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