Kit Kat’s newest flavor is controversial AF

7 hours ago

But it’s MINT to be. Mint can be a rather divisive flavor in candy. For some, the idea of combining the cooling creaminess of mint with the bitterness of dark chocolate makes zero sense. It’s often compared to trying to brush your teeth and enjoy dessert at the same time… which is sort of ridiculous. […]

KFC’s Famous Bowl is Back!

2 weeks ago

And it’s got all your five favorite sides in one KFC-licious bowl.

Pineapples and Pancakes- Jollibee is bringing it back!

2 weeks ago

Say hello to some old friends

OneZo serves colorful, handmade tapioca pearls!

3 weeks ago

Milk tea has never been prettier!

The makers of ‘Chef’s Table’ have a new Netflix series about Street Food

3 weeks ago

And Cebu’s delicacies take the spotlight!

Here’s what we know about FRNK Milk Bar

3 weeks ago

Frnkly, we’re excited!

17 Photos of Ramen To Get You Through The Day

1 month ago

No boyfriend? No problem!

Say Konnichiwa to McDonald’s Flavors of Japan Menu!

2 months ago

Available starting February 27 for a limited time only!

Xiao Long Bao Wars

3 months ago

Boom Boom Bao!

Little Caesars is Back!

3 months ago

Only ’90s kids will remember

Which Pizza Flavor Are You Based on Your Personality?

3 months ago

Another one bites the crust.

Potato Corner Lab in Glorietta cooked up 18 new flavors to go with your fries

3 months ago

Hold onto you fries! Potato Corner just went bigger.

Milk Tea Wars

4 months ago

Tea amo!

The Belle & Dragon: Great Food, Draft Beers and a Secret Speakeasy Bar

5 months ago

Raising the bar for the Makati night scene since 2016

PSA for All Milk Tea Lovers: Tiger Sugar is coming to the Philippines!

6 months ago

They’re bringing their roarsome and famous milk tea with them!

Mas is More

7 months ago

All-You-Can-Eat Tapas

Diligence Cafe in Katipunan Offers Unlimited Coffee, WiFi, and Nap Time

7 months ago

Now you can legally nap after studying!

17 Movies Every Foodie Must See

8 months ago

Hold on to your rumbling tummies.

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