This is one frazzled restaurant we’ll be going back to!

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The Frazzled Cook

Have you ever gone out of your way to seek out a restaurant that people around you just can’t stop talking about and end up feeling more than rewarded with the awesome food you had despite the monster traffic you went through just to get there?

As if the good food wasn’t enough, the place had to be beautiful and warm that it makes you think what good deed you’ve done for the universe to grant you this delicious discovery. This is exactly how we felt when we visited, The Frazzled Cook.

The Frazzled Cook has been around for quite a while now. The name and logo should resound to a lot of residents in San Juan area, where they were originally stationed for 5 years, until it decided to stop operations. This was back when ‘foodtrips’ and scouting for hidden gems weren’t quite a thing yet.

But fate just wouldn’t have it. Encouraged by a loyal patron of The Frazzled Cook who didn’t want the a good concept to end, the new partners set out to re-open at their now new location in Tomas Morato area. And we were lucky enough to have been invited for a glimpse and taste.

Upon arriving, we are welcomed with a bright and round blue door that reminded us of the Shire from Lord of the Rings and that instantly made our hearts aflutter. We were also happy that there was ample parking space on their front porch.

Upon entering, a quick scan of the room immediately conveys a warm and welcoming cloud. The frequent Instagrammer would be delighted to see that almost every angle of the place is “IG-worthy”.

During your hunt for the perfect Instagram photo, you may begin to notice that certain elements of this restaurant is purposefully unmatched: the chairs, the utensils, and even the decorations hanging around the walls. This quirky concept shows that even the restaurant itself is a little frazzled!

P.S. Check your spoon, a Kitty is waiting to say Hello.

The place can accommodate a maximum of 90 people if you plan to reserve the whole place. Aside from the main dining area, they have 3 function rooms and 2 curtained areas that can host smaller events or business meetings.

The Frazzled Cook offers international dishes with the same quirky twist that the place imbibes. We were served several dishes: sizzling squid, cheeselogs for starters, the Wagyu salpicao, truffle pasta, spicy shrimp pasta, and scampi pizza for mains.

Sizzling Squid
Wagyu Salpicao
Spicy Shrimp Pasta
Truffe Pasta

If it’s your first time and can only order a few dishes, we firmly recommend the sizzling squid, Wagyu salpicao, and spicy shrimp pasta (in that order). For coffee lovers, you can order and buy Philippine Alamid Coffee here. If you don’t already know, it is the world’s most expensive brew where beans are extracted from wild civet droppings.

Dining at the Frazzled Cook will undoubtedly frazzle your taste buds! Add to this the great customer service and the cozy ambiance, The Frazzled Cook is for sure, a great overall dining experience! FYI, the restaurant is wifi-equipped so you can immediately post your food shots on Facebook or Instagram and share your experience with your friends and us, of course. Feel free to tag us @thefrazzledcook and @bookyapp.

Thank you Zzlleenn Lee for inviting Booky over!

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78 Scout Gandia, Laging Handa, Quezon City
+63 2 374-6879

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