FRNK Milk Bar is Opening in Manila and They’re Giving Away FREE Upsizes!

Frnkly, we’re excited!

Milk tea is an indulgence that we Filipinos are already well-acquainted with. The year 2019 saw the arrival of a number of international milk tea franchises from Hong Kong and Taiwan. You would think the buzz around the craze would have died down by now; but a soon-to-open concept is defying all expectations.

If you’ve ever treated yourself to a cup of milk tea, you might be familiar with the guilt that comes once you’ve processed the insane amount of sugar and calories you’ve consumed. Indulgence often comes with a cost— and it’s an even heftier price if you struggle with lactose intolerance— but from the looks of it, FRNK Milk Bar is about to change the game.

Photo from @frnkmilkbar

The first authentic Japanese Milk Bar is coming to Manila sooner than you think. On May 24 (yes, tomorrow), they’re having their grand opening in Glorietta 3, Makati!

You can milk it for all it’s worth, because FRNK Milk Bar is offering FREE UPSIZE on their Craft Milk drinks series for everyone at the opening! Here are the drinks you can upsize on May 24:

Not only are their handcrafted drinks made with the best ingredients. The fresh milk alternatives don't stop at non-fat, but FRNK Milk Bar offers gluten free and dairy-free options!

Kokoa Magma

An iced-shaken dark kokoa milk drink made with our secret almond crumble

kokoa magma, frnk milk bar, milk tea
Photo from FRNK Milk Bar

Baked Purple Miruku

Made of coconut, homemade baked purple jam, with fruit honey and blue pearl on top!

baked purple miruku, frnk milk bar, milk tea
Photo from FRNK Milk Bar

Blue Lava Miruku

Their take on the Brown Sugar drink; iced-shaken blue tea and full cream milk with dark sugar, topped with blue tea pearls and basil drops

blue lava miruku, frnk milk bar, milk tea
Photo from FRNK Milk Bar
Customers can choose from almond milk, oat milk, and even brown rice milk. Just tell them!

Check out their other bestsellers!

Midnight Ichigo | Photo from FRNK Milk Bar Facebook Page

That’s not the only thing that has us blue with excitement. Milk tea isn’t milk tea without the chewy tapioca pearls and, in true FRNK fashion, theirs stand out from all the rest. FRNK’s Blue Tea Pearls are infused with buttlerfly-pea flower tea, which naturally gives the pearls a striking blue color. Apart from their pretty hue, they’re chockfull of potent antioxidants which fight against skin aging and glycation. Talk about guilt-free!

Photo from @frnkmilkbar

They use a variety of healthy and antioxidant-rich ingredients including raw cocoa, uji matcha, anchan flower tea, cinnamon and more! Their matcha is sourced from their partners MORIHAN. Based in Kyoto, they are one of Japan’s largest tea producers and are best known for the superior quality of their green tea.

Dirty Maccha | Photo from @frnkmilkbar

Some of the most striking cups we’ve seen so far are the Dirty Maccha which combines bittersweet chocolate with uji matcha; the Midnight Ichigo made up of roasted black tea, milk, and homemade strawberry sauce; and the bright yellow Mango Chizu Drink which is topped with a torched Japanese cheese.

Mango Chizu | Photo from @frnkmilkbar

If your entire body perked at the mere mention of cheese, get ready for a bite of their flourless Chizu Cake!

Photo from @frnkmilkbar

Don’t forget to check FRNK Milk Bar out in Glorietta 3 ASAP!

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