Golden Cowrie lets you experience authentic Cebuano dishes right here in Metro Manila!

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Cebu lechon is truly something else. In the region, many restaurants have become destinations in themselves as today, no trip here is ever complete without stopping over at your favorite Cebu lechon restaurant.

Golden Cowrie, from the same people behind Hukad, has been an institution among locals and tourists in Cebu—and for good reason. Get a handful of their offerings at their S Maison or Podium branch.

Book now and get ₱300 off all day!

Established in 1982, Golden Cowrie is an upscale restaurant designed to highlight authentic Cebuano flavors. It is a concept by Cebu Golden Restaurant Inc., which also established the famous Hukad. While Hukad focuses on a simple, no-frills Filipino menu, Golden Cowrie offers both classic and innovative takes on Filipino cuisine.

Fun Fact: “Golden” marks the family's 50th year in business, and “Cowrie” is a tribute to one of the prized shells in the Philippines.

Their first branch in Metro Manila showcases Filipino-inspired interiors that offer a clean and sophisticated ambience. Al fresco dining is also available, giving you a scenic view of the Manila Bay.

Insider tip: They have a function room good for 50pax.

Check out their bestsellers below!

Lechon Belly

Signature crispy lechon belly roasted with fresh local ingredients

Fresh Lumpia

Traditional fresh lumpia, 6 pieces

Baked Bantayan Scallops

Bantayan scallops baked and generously buttered

Pocherong Katag

Deconstructed pochero served with bone marrow and caramelized onions

Zarzuela de Mariscos

Spanish shellfish stew with clams, squid, and crab in tomatoes, olive oil, and coco wine.

Chicharon Breaded Fish

Pan-fried fish coated in chicharon breading

Don’t forget to pair your dishes with their refreshing drinks, and of course their Filipino desserts!

Agua Fresca

Pineapple cucumber, watermelon, green mango cucumber

Chocolate Chilled Taho

Also avaialble in plain taho flavor

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