How Often Should You Get Waxed: The Answer to Your Waxing Woes

It’s a habit you shouldn’t break!

Once you create a habit, you have to make the conscious effort to stick to that habit. Having the habit of waxing after a certain number of weeks may be tough but it’s not as hard as you think. To help you, here’s a low-down on how often you should get waxed depending on the area.

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To keep your eyebrows #onfleek, you’re going to have to wax it every 3-4 weeks. Should you feel like reshaping your brows and think that it’s still too short to be waxed, feel free to quickly tweeze it to get those sharp looking brows.


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If your goal isn’t to look like Santa Clause or even Chewbacca, then it’s suggested that you wax the hair on your face – like chin hair, sideburns, mustache hair, or random hair on your face – every 2-3 weeks.  The reason why it should be waxed more often compared to brows is because it grows quicker and when it does grow, it’s more visible.


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Among all the body parts, it’s the underarms that should have a consistent waxing schedule; it should be waxed every 2 weeks. To avoid the obvious hair that’s growing from your armpits, it’s suggested that aside from following the schedule, you also stay away from razors so that you can avoid ingrown hair.

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Bikini Area

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To beachgoers and beach lovers out there, in order for the hair down there not to peek out from your bikini, it’s suggested that you go every 2 weeks. However, those who simply want a breezier feeling under their skirts, it’s suggested that you get waxed every 3 – 4 weeks with your hair being 1/2 inch long, not too short and not too long.

Other Body Services

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For those who got their legs and arms waxed, usually, you’ll have to go back to your favorite waxing salon after 3 – 4 weeks. It’s that or you go back when you’re leg or arm hair is 1/4 inch long in length.

If you can’t be bothered to plot those schedules on your calendar, then here are few tips on how to know when it’s time to wax.

  1. It’s time to wax if your hair is long enough. You don’t have to use for a ruler. If you grab the hair and feel like you can pull it up without pinching your skin, then you’re good to go.
  2. It’s time to wax if you have the budget. Since money is a huge factor – this is assuming that you don’t do DIY waxing – it’s best to set your schedules during paydays. That way, you’ll be able to pay for the areas that need waxing every 2 weeks as well as the ones that need waxing every 4 weeks.
  3. It’s time to wax if you’re bothered by your hair. Nothing’s more unpleasant than dealing with hair that you can see or feel. After all, you wax because you don’t want any hair. Just a tip though, make sure that your hair is at least 1/4 inch long.

Compared to other habits, this is one that’s highly suggested that you stick to.

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