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Make sure your next workout works out!

A lot of things go into having a great workout. Some people need the perfect playlist or the right killer mindset or even clothes they feel confident in. But a factor that most gym-goers don’t consider is when to go to the gym.

From morning workouts to “Why am I in the gym at 1AM?” sessions, each workout time slot offers its own unique mix of benefits and disadvantages. If you aren’t sure what time would work best for you, read on and let us help you decide when you should be working out!

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Working Out in the Morning

Working out in the morning might seem like such a daunting, unrealistic thing to do, but the truth is that it’s actually a lot easier to schedule and commit to. After all, you probably won’t have as many outside obligations to get in your way- no extended work meetings, no dinner plans, and no after-work laziness to stop you from getting to the gym.

If you go in before breakfast, some studies suggest that you burn more fat compared to working out on a full stomach. There’s also the unsaid benefit of knowing that, no matter how the day turns out, you already did something good and got your workout in.

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The obvious strike against working out in the morning is having to wake up early. Though your natural body clock will eventually adjust to your early bird choices, just the initial pains of waking up earlier than you need to, tiring yourself out before you even get to work, and dealing with other sweaty, disgruntled gym goers are enough to stop you from your morning session.

Another negative about morning workouts is that a lot of other people do it. This means that there’s usually a morning rush of people hitting the gym before work, which leads to long lines for the showers.

Working Out in the Afternoon


Afternoon workouts enjoy the perk of the gym being relatively free, with not as many people going compared to morning or night. This means that there’ll still be people to help you with a spot or give you a form check, if you need it, but not too many that they’ll get in the way of your work out.

Many fitness experts and trainers also share the belief that athletic ability peaks during the afternoon, making it the best time to fully exert yourself and make the most out of your daily workout.

However, unless you have a flexible schedule, it can be difficult make a long-term commitment to working out in the afternoon.

Working Out at Night

Evening workouts are, in theory, the easiest to schedule. After all, your day is already done, you’re not rushing to get in before work, and you have all the time you need to get that great workout in.

Additionally, if you have trouble sleeping at night, evening workouts have been linked to easier and deeper slumbers.


The night time workout is also the easiest to cancel. So many things can unexpectedly pop up and push your workout off your to-do slate. From putting in overtime at work to spur-of-the-moment dates or big dinners that put you out of commission for the night to not having energy after a long and tiring day, the temptation to flake on your workout will be very real.

Aside from that, a lot of people go workout at night, so expect a full gym and possibly lining up or alternating on the popular machines or weights. So, if you’re the type who doesn’t like interacting with anyone at the gym, it might be best to avoid it at night.

Working Out after Midnight

For the high energy night owls or restless insomniacs who want to stay active and in shape, working out past midnight is an option. One of the underrated benefits of the 3AM workout is that there will virtually be no one in the gym. Aside from probably one or two other people, you have the gym all to yourself– no lines for the machines or bathrooms, no annoying music or grunting, no one to be conscious of when you make your weird lifting faces.

Working out in the wee hours of the morning can also actually be the perfect workout window for those who tuck in early and wake up early. I mean, if it’s good enough for the Rock, it’s good enough for us!


The post-midnight workout does have the disadvantage of going against your natural body clock. Our bodies innately know that it should be asleep at those hours, and (unless you got a good sleep beforehand) getting a workout in can mess with your sleeping schedule, metabolism, and your body’s natural rhythm.

You’re also more likely to suffer low energy levels at this time compared to morning, afternoon, or evening workouts.

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