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You sing like a star, baby! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Singing in the shower’s perfectly normal, but why don’t you bring your talents onto the stage? We’ve got the perfect KTV Bar for your very own private concert! (All kidding aside) This karaoke bar in BGC can spice up your weekends with friends, or even weekdays with coworkers! Here’s why!

Singing Meme

Rockstar KTV

Rockstar KTV is a premium Karaoke and events venue in BGC. Located in the 5th level of SM Aura, this spacious singing ground sits pretty next to convenient food chains and your most loved stores!

They’re actually a sister company of Centerstage KTV! What gives them their edge is the desire to become more hip and trendy through constant innovation and modern technology!

Rock Star KTV Lobby
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You can celebrate everything from birthdays, corporate parties, or just a fun night out! Rockstar KTV offers an awesome variety of rooms to get you partying through the night!

They Don’t Charge Per Head!

The best thing about Rockstar KTV is that they charge rates per room, and not per head! The rates depend on the hours you use and the room you choose!

Rock Star KTV Hallway
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The choice of rooms can go on and on, depending on your taste! They give a variety of themed venues that can keep you and your friends singing your hearts out! The Standard Room can hold about 4 – 6 people and costs roughly around ₱200 – ₱300 per hour. While a Deluxe Room can hold 1 – 15 people and costs ₱500 – ₱600 per hour.


Your karaoke session can also be perfectly paired with the best food offered! Rockstar KTV serves all sorts of munchies to satisfy your concert cravings like party platters, pasta dishes, and even pizza!

Rock Star KTV Food Selection
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Of course, what’s a fun night without the booze? (Amirayt?) Rockstar KTV’s gotchu, fam! They serve different types of hooch, both local and international to cap your night off! They even have house cocktails you can try out, for those looking to spice up their evening.


If there’s one way to describe the rooms at Rockstar KTV it would be:


Literally most of the rooms are themed after legendary artists and household alcoholic beverages! Some of the Room names include The Britney Spears Suite, The Chivas Regal Deluxe, and the Prince Premiere Suite.

Rock Star KTV Rooms
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Their Bob Marley Suite is painted in homage of the Jamaican icon himself and fits about 4 – 6 people. It also gives you an awesome view of BGC from it’s wall-length window. Their Elvis Superior Suite, on the other hand, fits 6 – 8 people. The room itself is 50s inspired and lined with black and blue colors. You can switch the lighting into the colorful LED lights to up the energy!

Rock Star KTV Karaoke
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Rockstar KTV’s sure to give you one good night! You won’t need to go far from home, or work, to treat yourself to your very own concert moment!

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5/F Skypark Garden, SM Aura, 8 Mckinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(0923) 454-6310 / (02) 838-4292 / (02) 838-4128

Get a 3hr KTV session of up to 6 people for just ₱999

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