Do you miss them yet?

Have you been craving your favorite KFC dishes this quarantine? You’re not alone.

While KFC has been available via delivery to our doorsteps, it’s still different from the days we could have our finger-licking good chicken at our beck and call (aka 24 hours). Luckily, KFC is blessing us with the option to have it anytime we want to. How? Ready-to-cook packs!

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Original Recipe Nuggets

You can get their famous Original Recipe Chicken in the form of 40 pieces of nuggets per pack! Pop them in the fryer and they’re ready to go!

Price: ₱400 per pack

Crispy Fries

Yes, THEIR FRIES. Definitely a fan-favorite, you can now hoard them at home, all 2.2 kilograms of it per pack.

Price: ₱300 per pack

kfc fries
Photo from @kfcphilippines

Ready to chow down? These Ready-to-Cook packs are available via take-out and drive-thru only. Take a look at the selected branches and their store hours here.

Photo from @kfcphilippines


An international fast food chain that needs no introduction, KFC is one of the first places you think of when you want some seriously good fried chicken. From their classic recipe chicken to their limited edition items and more, KFC continues to prove that- even after all these years -they’re still finger lickin’ good!

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

KFC Zinger Steak

KFC did it again. Our favorite Zinger meal just got an update (and only a month after launching their Baconized Zinger)!

Their Zinger Steak features their signature hot and spicy chicken fillet, topped with their famous Ala King sauce! Get ready for your mind to be blown, because this Zinger meal comes with rice *queue the Filipino mind, body, soul, and stomach to grumble*.

kfc menu zinger steak
Photo from KFC

And not just plain white rice. BUTTER rice. Served with corn and a drink!

Zinger Steak Ala Carte ₱99
Zinger Steak Meal (with drink) ₱109
Zinger Steak Combo (side and drink) ₱120 

Another option is to switch the corn for the big guns – mashed potatoes. Mark your calendars, because this is hitting the KFC menu on September 16!


Fried Chicken Meals

1-pc. Chicken Meal

This tried-and-true favorite from KFC is guaranteed to satisfy those fried chicken cravings; the one-piece chicken meal comes in original recipe or spicy and with a serving of rice and drink of your choice.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

1-pc. Chicken Meal with Mushroom Soup or Mashed Potato

A budget-friendly option that provides maximum flavor on minimal spending, you get one piece of chicken (O.R. or spicy), a serving of rice, the drink of your choice, and either mushroom soup or mashed potatoes.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

Flavor Shots with Mushroom Soup or Mashed Potato

Serving up the same goodness as the one-piece chicken meal with mushroom soup or mashed potato, this meal comes with satisfying and easy-to-eat Flavor Shots instead of the usual chicken.

KFC Bucket Meals

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

8-pc. Regular Bucket Meal

It doesn’t get any bigger or better than this! Eight crispy pieces in your preferred combination of original recipe or spicy chicken.

8-pc. Bucket Meal with Pasta

The classic 8-piece bucket meal comes with two serving of satisfying Filipino-style spaghetti and an extra serving of creamy, white sauce pasta.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

6-pc. Streetwise Bucket Meal

A smart choice for hungry bellies on a budget! This six-piece bucket comes complete with 3 fixin’s, 3 servings of rice, and 3 drinks.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

Fully Loaded Meals

1-pc. Fully Loaded Box

Load up your lunch with this complete meal in a box! Enjoy your one-piece chicken with mushroom soup and mashed potato complete with rice and a drink

1-pc. Fully Loaded Box with Famous Bowl

Pair up two favorites in one sulit box with this filling one-piece chicken with mushroom soup and rice together with a classic famous bowl combo.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

Baconized Snacker Fully Loaded Meal

The Fully Loaded Meal comes packing something new with this combination with the limited-time Baconized Snacker!

Rice Bowls

Sisig Rice Bowl Combo

KFC’s Sisig Rice Bowl just works! Bite into an explosion of flavor as KFC hot shots are drizzled with their signature chicken sisig sauce, combined with chicken skin, mayo leeks, egg, and sisig rice.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

Ala King Rice Bowl Combo

This rice bowl is king! Enjoy the classic KFC chicken done ala king style with a side of corn, complete with a drink of your choice.

Sandwiches and Snacks

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

Baconized Zinger

The classic Zinger with a twist! This limited-time offer baconizes the chicken sandwich with bacon strips, bacon relish, and even a baconnaise sauce.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines


The one chicken sandwich to beat them all! The original Zinger is made with a crunchy chicken fillet paired with lettuce and mayo, in a fluffy Kaiser bun.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines


An unexpected favorite, the Twister combines crunchy chicken strips, Japanese mayo, mango, and cucumber in a toasted tortilla wrap for a satisfying Asian-inspired treat.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

KFC Shots

A surefire favorite, KFC’s shots are bite-sized pieces of their chicken fillet that make for perfect snacks. Comes in regular or large.

Famous Bowl

All of your favorites come together in one convenient package with the KFC Famous Bowl! Enjoy an easy-to-eat bowl of shots, corn, and mashed potato held together with KFC’s signature gravy.

Photo from Facebook | kfcphilippines

Extras and Sides

Bucket of Fries

KFC’s thick cut and flavorful fries can give any other fastfood chain a run for their money! Perfect for a much-deserved snack or to go along with some great chicken, you can’t go wrong with this bucket of fries.

Mashed Potatoes

A classic side, who doesn’t love a filling and creamy serving of mashed potatoes? Pairing perfectly with the KFC gravy, adding a helping of mashed potatoes is sure to make any belly happy.

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Mushroom Soup

A surprisingly great partner to their fried chicken, the mushroom soup is a fresh and tasty addition to any meal!


Keep it fresh with a side of coleslaw! Enjoy a healthy mix of carrots, cabbage, and onions topped off with a tangy, home-style dressing!

Photo from

Buttered Corn

Nothing’s wrong with being just a little corny! KFC’s buttered corn is a sweet and rich boost that goes great with KFC’s savory or spicy chicken.



Get the dessert your deserve at KFC! Enjoy a sweet, creamy, and refreshing ball of soft-serve ice cream topped off with your choice of add-ons.



A take home favorite, the reliable brownie is a sure way to end your meal on a sweet note. Bite into some baked chocolate-y goodness and don’t be surprised if you end up getting more than one!

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