The New Product on the KFC Menu will be the Taco the Town!

It’s the Mexican x American Fusion Food you didn’t know you craved for!

GIF from KFC Australia

On May 6, there was an announcement that there will be a new product to be added on the KFC menu . . .

New Product on KFC menu announcement
Photo from Facebook | KFC Philippines

And although we know that KFC’s already shared what their newest product is, we couldn’t help but aid them in spreading the news!

Starting May 9 at all KFC branches, you can avail of their newest product which a reinvention of your usual taco, KFC style – The Chaco!

Chaco - New product on the KFC Menu
Photo from

The Chaco or Chicken Taco is actually a chicken shell with salsa, lettuce, taco mayo, corn, and grated cheese. Taco-bout delicious!

Whether you plan to get it ala carte or added to a meal, get ready for the possibility of a fiesta in your mouth the moment you take a bite.

GIF from KFC Australia

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