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Serve some serious mani-pedi looks!

Everyone deserves a mani-pedi session every so often. But, when it comes to getting your nails cut, cleaned, and painted, waiting can definitely be a drag. It’s time for you to enjoy yourself while still being pampered!

Like apples with peanut butter or french fries with ice cream, Kitchenails’ concept is an odd combination that certainly works and is a whole lot of fun. Get the best out of a mani-pedi while feeding your food fantasies with this kitchen-themed nail salon.

Photo from Booky
Photo from Booky

The first of its kind, Kitchenails goes all-in with their theme; from walls lined up with pots and pans, and mason jars filled with all sorts of lotions and scrubs, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an actual culinary kitchen.

Fun fact: The Kitchenails' staff wears chef hats and uniforms!
Photo from Booky

To spice up your nail care treatment, the Kitchenails’ nail servers also use cooking equipment like spatulas and pastry brushes to slather lotion on your feet and hands, making them feel velvety smooth!

Photo from Booky
Photo from Booky

Foot Spa + Honey Glaze

Let Kitchenail’s highly trained massage experts give your feet the care they deserve while soaking them in a pan!

Price: ₱900 ₱450
Photo from Booky

Manicure with Gel + Pedicure with Regular Polish

Treat yourself to a soothing manicure and pedicure package and finish off your nails with a vibrant and long-lasting polish.

Price: ₱1,315 ₱921
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Acrylic Nail with Dip Powder

Take your nail art to the next level with a little help from Kitchenails. Enjoy an acrylic and dip powder polish that gives a long-lasting luster to your nails while strengthening and reinforcing them.

Price: ₱2,700 ₱1,890
Photo from Booky

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If you’re looking for a fun spin on your typical self-care routine, Kitchenails will cook you up a pampering session you’ll never forget!

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