Fan of Le Petit Souffle?

When Chef Miko Aspiras creates desserts, you are always assured of three things: quality, taste and a visual piece of art. His current passion playgrounds? Scout’s Honor and Le Petit Soufflé. If you’ve been following both accounts, you’ll see the cosmic results of his creative mind.

Right at the top of his list of sweet accomplishments is the:

Matcha Red Bean Soufflé Pancake

This dessert is made up of light green tea-flavored soufflé pancake topped with matcha powder and coffee jelly, red azuki beans, and a scoop of matcha ice cream. Without a doubt, this dessert is a perfect representation of Chef Miko’s ability to be bold, forward and playful without ever compromising taste.

Want to be the star of your next hosted dinner? Thanks to Chef Miko, you can now recreate this masterpiece in your own home in 5 easy steps:

1. Soufflé pancake: Whip egg whites and sugar; set it aside.

Soufflé pancake
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2. Make pancake mix using dry and wet ingredients; fold dry to wet in gentle manner.

Dry ingredients: baking powder, baking soda, flour, matcha powder, salt, and sugar
Wet ingredients: egg yolks, fresh milk, and vanilla

Soufflé pancake
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3. Fold pancake mix in whipped egg whites

Soufflé pancake
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4. Bake in a ramekin or small individual metal cake rings.

Le Petit Souffle
Photo from @chefmikoaspiras

5. Top with a scoop of matcha ice cream, red adzuki beans, matcha and coffee jelly, a dash of matcha powder and finish off withCrème anglaise.

Le Petit Souffle
Photo from @lepetitsouffleph

Are you up for the challenge? Whatever the outcome, there’s only winning here. Think of all the matcha mixes you’ll be licking trying to recreate this comforting matcha dessert. Practice makes perfect, do share your kitchen experiments with us by tagging us on Instagram @bookyapp.

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