Mmm… pork.

Lechon. For many of us, it’s tied to some of our fondest memories of growing up. It’s the V.I.P. (Very Important Pig) — always present and certainly always welcome at any fiesta, birthday party, or family reunion.

Yes, we know it’s not exactly a food one typically associates with health but we’ll argue that lechon is good for us anyway. Good for the soul.

WARNING: These photos contain fatty content. It is advised to have your doctor on speed dial.

Let’s get something straight. Lechon is everything.

Whether it’s a belly roll…

Photo from @manilabelly

Or livin’ dat extra rice life…

Photo from @itsellacruella

Matched with it’s OTP (beer, obvi)

Photo from @geraldlabrador
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or just being the strong, independent lechon it is…

Photo from @calvingodfrey

Lechon is bae. Period.

Photo from @ricoslechonofficial


Photo from Booky

It should be an art form, really.

Photo from @lorenzyatco

You can adorn lechon with all the fixings.

Photo from @kathrinaong27
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But it’s natural state is a thing of beauty too.

Photo from @trixiakit

You can take things slow and have a bite-sized piece.

Photo from @grace_yek

but definitions of “bite-sized” may vary.

Photo from Booky

“Not too much. It will clog your arteries,” … said people who know nothing.

Photo from @iamrowry

We wish our arteries were made of the stuff!

Photo from @nonieatsmanila

The meat… the pillowy taba, and good Lord… the SKIN!

Photo from @jcmcwater
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But fine… let’s have some veggies on the side “to balance things out.”

Photo from @lengskididoodles

SIKE! #lechonandonandon

Photo from @thebrownmonkey100

Lechon for daaaays

Photo by @flynate04

Seriously though, this deserves to be our national dish.

Photo by @karenking_07

Lechon is the hero we need.

Photo from @nanamaldita

I think we’ve made our point. #lechoniseverything

Photo from @bambiflava

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