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Shoyu want some Japanese food? Then this is perfect for you!

If it’s Japanese food you’re craving for, you really don’t have to look too far. Little Tokyo in Makati has some of the best and most authentic Japanese food in the Metro.

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Take a trip to the famous Little Tokyo in Makati, the city of towering skyscrapers and hectic business districts, and have a taste of what Little Tokyo has to offer. From sushi, to sashimi, to ramen, and more! We’ve listed down right here, the places that should definitely try.


Offering Japanese dishes fried, sauteed, and even cooked on top of a griddle, Kagura is a Japanese restaurant that’ll give you both a meal and a show especially if you order their famous okonomiyaki.

Fun fact: For the baseball fans out there, Kagura's interiors are decorated with Japan's Hanshin Tigers baseball team memorabilia.
Okonomiyaki from Kagura
Photo from @shaanisabio

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(02) 894-3656


Aside from being one of Little Tokyo’s top restaurants for fresh and premium sushi and sashimi, Riozen’s also one of the go-to restaurants for some incredible hot pot.

Some must try dishes are: Their best selling Hakata Ramen and mixed sashimi.

Sashimi, Maki, and Ramen from Riozen
Photo from @rj_delacruz

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(02) 894-3915

Dojo Dairy

If you have a liking for Japanese flavors, then you’ll surely like Dojo Diary, a place serving up unique ice cream flavors like wasabi, black sesame, green tea, and miso sake which you can even take home in 8, 16, or 32 oz pints.

Fun fact: Their ingredients come straight from Hokkaido!
Black Sesame Ice Cream from Dojo Dairy
Photo from @dojodairy

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(0918) 888-3656


Serving up bento boxes, takoyaki, and kakigori, if you’re looking for a place that’ll give you a full meal from the appetizer to the dessert, then Hana may just be the place you’re looking for.

Some of their must-order dishes are the Takoyaki and Kakigori.

Takoyaki, Gyoza, and Fried Rice from Hana
Photo from @samaetabilangpo

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(02) 828-8471


Nodasho’s prices may be steep but every penny is worth the price especially once you experience the “exclusive” ambiance of the restaurant and taste, what some foodie insiders say, is one of the best quality sashimi.

Insider Tip: if you want to avail of their cheaper options, visit them during lunch!
Salmon Sashimi from Nodasho
Photo from @norlairene

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(02) 404-5875


Get right to the good stuff at Oishinbo! By good stuff, we mean fresh sashimi, sushi, and bento sets. Just a note though, this intimate restaurant may be full at certain times so we suggest getting a seat quickly or going during off-peak hours.

Sashimi Platter from Oishinbo
Photo from @crispy_papa

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(02) 894-3744


Feel like you’ve been transported to the Land of the Rising Sun at Sekitori! Aside from that, get your fill of Japanese food like sashimi, udon, ramen, and donburi!

Fun fact: The servers are dressed in kimonos and some even know how to speak Japanese.
Noodles and Tempura from Sekitori
Photo from @lyn_martinez

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(02) 425-9030

Seryna Japanese Restaurant

At Seryna japanese restaurant, expect the best freshest and the best premium slices of sushi expertly prepared by their Japanese chefs as well as Saikoro steak that’ll surely make your mouth water.

Maki, Sushi, and Sashimi Platter from Seryna
Photo from Facebook | Seryna

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(02) 894-3855

Yamazaki Bento

One of the most affordable joints at the Little Tokyo, Yamazaki Bento’s plates come with a bargain of less than ₱200 each!

Try out their curry rice, ramen blows, and the Makanouchi Bento.

Fun fact: The in-store Japanese supermarket sells authentic Japanese goods as well. 
Bento Box from Yamazaki Bento
Photo from @blastmurdoc

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(02) 893-2163

Shinjuku Home of Authentic Ramen

Confidently claiming it with their name, Shinjuki Home of Authentic Ramen is one of Little Tokyo’s best ramen joints! You definitely have to try Sapporo Corn Ramen and Butakakuni Ramen.

Fun fact: Aside from the ramen, we heard that their house tea is really good, too!
Ramen from Shinjuku
Photo from @shinjukuramen

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(02) 819-1242


Find yourself in Little Tokyo at night looking for some booze and no-frills comfort grub? Then, head on to Bunchum’s, a casual dining and drinking restaurant that also serves up good Japanese comfort food!

Noodles from Bunchums
Photo from @shiza_yami

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(02) 894-3915

Izakaya Kikufuji

Both beloved by Makati locals and often visited by outsiders because of their high-quality sushi and premium Wagyu sticks, Izakaya Kikufuji is certainly one of Little Tokyo’s irreplaceable institutions that you have to visit.

Tempura from Izakaya
Photo from @gesalud

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(02) 893-7319

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