Read on, because we have a surprise for you.

Oh, Manila. The pristine shores of the Philippines is undoubtedly one of the best in the world, and the tropical climate just makes it the best destination for anything cold and frozen.

llaollao (pronounced as ‘yao yao’) is an international frozen yogurt franchise from Spain. It started back in 2009 and now has over a hundred branches in Spain alone! Other international franchises include: Singapore with 25 branches and is the most successful Asian franchise, Hong Kong, Mexico, and different countries in Europe. It is set to open more branches in South Korea, Thailand, and soon, THREE branches in the Philippines!

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Thanks to the Foodee Concepts Global Group or more popularly known as the Todd English Group, this famous frozen yogurt can definitely become the next favorite healthy dessert of many Filipino foodies. llaollao opened its first branch in Glorietta and the second one in Mall of Asia.

UPDATE: Their SM Megamall branch opens today May 10, 2017!!!

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llaollao is best known for their frozen yogurt cups. You can choose from a selection of fresh seasonal fruits, sauces, and crunchy toppings. According to their website, you can come up with over 700 different combinations with their toppings, go crazy!

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Also, one of llaollao’s bestselling product is the Sanum cup–three layers of fresh fruit + caramelized seeds + honeyed cereal + frozen yogurt. Not only will these cups look divine on your Instagram feed, they’re also good for your health. llaollao’s frozen yogurt is a natural source of calcium and protein; not to mention it has zero trans fat and is gluten-free.

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We heard that one of their latest creation is the limited edition “llaomango” yogurt! We are DYING to try this one.

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llaollao also serves a variety of other cool creations like waffles, yogurt smoothies, and their Sensations fresh fruit slush. Nope, still no added preservatives here because llaollao only uses fresh fruit slush (watermelon or orange flavor), frozen yogurt, and fresh strawberries.

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Light eater? Cheat day from your diet plan? llaollao has got you covered with their cute Petitllao cups!

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What makes “Netflix and chill” better? Frozen yogurt! Takeaway tubs and toppings are available for those who want to escape the mall scene. Hooray for another reason to stay at home and enjoy healthy snacks.

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llaollao describes the rapid growth of its company as a “Natural Trend,” as more people nowadays are more conscious about what they eat. As for us, we’re just happy to have another excuse to buy dessert.

It’s healthy so we can get two cups of each, right?chelsea handler mind blown