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Last updated: September 20, 10:58 p.m.

From their iconic red crown stoppers, Macao Imperial Tea’s newest beverages now come in huge bottles, fashioned after the packaging of our favorite probiotic milk drink.

These adorable bottles are exclusive to Macao’s Yogurt Series drinks. It comes in four fruity flavors pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, and mango.

macao imperial tea, yogurt series
Photo from @macaoimperialteaph

For only ₱195 per order, you can get the creamy and sour taste of a cup of yogurt, now in drink form!

The Macao Imperial Tea Yogurt Series is available for take out at selected stores in Luzon.

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In Case You Missed It: Get A Free 1 Liter Upsize at Macao Imperial Tea This August

Everyone’s favorite milk tea shop is offering a monstrous treat for the whole month of August!

Macao Imperial Tea’s 1 liter upsize from Maior to Monster is now available on their best-selling drink, Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea. That’s an extra 300ml worth of tea goodness, free of charge!

What started out as an anniversary promo last June will now regularly run on all Mondays of August 2020 (August 10, 17, 24, 31) from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Only a maximum of five drinks can be upsized from Maior to Monster for every purchase.

With milk tea lovers lining up to get this free upsize, we’re hoping the monster size will be up for good!

Macao Imperial – multiple branches

Hailing from the ‘Vegas of China’, Macao Imperial is one of the fastest-growing cafe chains with over 200 branches in Macau, Vietnam, China, the United States, and now – the Philippines. They’re best known for their cutest drinks placed in their own tumbler bottles.

Macao Imperial Tea Counter
Photo from Booky

Now, if you’re new to Macao Imperial Tea and you just want a cup of milk tea, coffee, or a non-caffeinated drink but you don’t know what to order, allow us to give you a hand. Check down below for a quick guide on what you can order from the Macao Imperial Tea Menu.

Tea Series

Tea in its pure unadulterated form, Macao Imperial Tea’s tea drinks are refreshing, tart, and light – perfect for those who have an inclination to fruit teas and tea in general.

Flavors: Brewed Lemon Iced Red Tea, Kumquat Lemon Tea, Cranberry Tea

Cranberry Tea from  Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Booky

Milk Tea Series

Macao Imperial Tea is known for, first and foremost, their milk tea! Albeit having variations of their milk tea which are more popular, they also serve up the classics for those who are new to milk tea or those who prefer the original.

Flavors: Original Milk Tea, Black Pearl Milk Tea, Grass Jelly Milk Tea, and Red Bean and Pudding Milk Tea

Original Milk Tea from Milk Tea
Photo from Booky

Cream Cheese Series

One of the many upgraded versions of their milk tea, Macao Imperial’s cream cheese series is iconic because of its tangy and salty cream cheese topping. Whether you prefer tea with milk or without, they have drinks which may just tickle your fancy.

Flavors (Tea + Cream Cheese): Cream Cheese Sea Salt Jasmine Green Tea, Cream Cheese Osmanthus Oolong Tea, Cream Cheese Red Rose Tea, Cream Cheese Four Seasons Tea, Creme Cheese White Peach Oolong Tea

Other flavors: Cream Cheese Milk Tea, Cream Cheese Cocoa, Cream Cheese Orea Milk Tea, and Cream Cheese Uji Matcha

Cream Cheese Milk Tea from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Booky

Chestnut Cream Series

If you prefer your topping sweeter and lighter than cream cheese, then we suggest that you order the Chestnut Cream Series of Macao Imperial Tea.

Flavors: Chestnut Cream Jasmine Green Tea, Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Tea, Chestnut Cream Tea, Chestnut Cream Cocoa, and Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha

Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Facebook | Macao Imperial Tea Philippines

Cheesecake Series

Compared to the Cream Cheese Series where the cream cheese is placed on top, Macao Imperial’s Cheesecake series swipes the cream cheese on the sides on the cup so you can enjoy the topping and the drink simultaneously.

Flavors: Cheesecake and Pearl Milk, Cheesecake Panda, Cheesecake Purple Taro, Cheesecake Oreo, Cheesecake Matcha, Cheesecake Cocoa, and Cheesecake Taro

Cheesecake Milk Tea from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Booky

Special Drinks

Wondering what exactly makes these drinks special? Why not try them out? One thing’s for sure however, they’re nothing like the drinks you find anywhere else on their menu.

Drinks: For You, For Me, Kitten Milk Tea, Osmanthus Oolong Tea, Hot Matcha, Black Syrup with Tapioca Pearls, and Ginger Milk Tea

For Me and For You from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from @macaoimperialteamy
Special mention! Matcha and Red Bean fans there's a series from Macao Imperial Tea which you have to try called the "Red Bean Series" which has two drinks: Red Bean and Pudding Matcha and Red Bean and Matcha Milk Shake. 

Coffee Series

Calling all coffee lovers, you don’t have to go to another store to get your coffee fix ’cause Macao Imperial’s got a series for you too.

Flavors: Cappuccino, Mocha, White Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, Latte, Americano, and Caramel

Coffee Series from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Facebook | Macao Imperial Tea Philippines

Chocolate Series

Staying away from caffeine? Then, order a drink from their Chocolate Series!

Flavors: Tiramisu Deluxe, Dark Chocolate Kiss, Choco Donut Freeze, Chocolate Matcha Green Tea, Chocolate Shortbread Cookie Mocha

Tiramisu Deluxe from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Facebook | Macao Imperial Tea Philippines

Fruit Series

A new addition to the Macao Imperial Tea menu, the Fruit Series is a healthier version of their teas perfect for those who are watching their caffeine, sugar, and cream intake.

Flavors: Orange Fruit Tea, Dragon Fruit Zest, Dragon Fruit & Mangosteen, Grapefruit Burst, Guava Watermelon, Lime Passion Fruit Tea, and Mixed Fruit Tea

Guava Watermelon from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Facebook | Macao Imperial Tea Philippines

Yakult Series

Can’t get enough of Yakult? If so, you’ll definitely love their Yakult series which features drinks infused with none other than Yakult.

Flavors: Yakult Green Tea, Mango Yakult, and Lemon Yakult

Lemon Yakult from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Facebook | Macao Imperial Tea Philippines

Soda Series

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold flavored soda on a hot summer day. It’s a good thing that Macao Imperial also offers a number of flavored sodas you can enjoy during those kinds of days.

Flavors: Blue Caracao Soda, Cherry Blossom Soda, Green Apple Soda, Midsummer Soda, Lemon Fizz Soda, and Over the Rainbow Soda.

Flavored Soda from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Booky

Quick Delivery Tip

For delivery orders, you may book through Grabfood, Foodpanda, and LalaFood.

Cream Cheese and Cheesecake Milk Tea from Macao Imperial Tea
Photo from Booky

For more information, you may check out their menu, their social media accounts, and their branches.

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View their Facebook page
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View their branches

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Cover image from Macao Imperial Tea Philippine’s Facebook page.