6 Makeover Moments in Movies You Can Have For Yourself!

Alexa, play “I Wanna Be A Supermodel.”

There’s nothing new about the ugly duckling trope. Whether it’s the outcast in high school who hatches into the most popular girl in school or the dorky dude in need of some refinement, two things are promised: a good soundtrack and a makeover so good it feels unrealistic. But that is not the case.

We’ve reviewed the most iconic makeover moments in films over the past decade, and guess what! They aren’t out of reach. Check out what offers are waiting for you in Metro Manila to give you a makeover scene IRL!

We decided over at Booky that it’s high time to go beyond food and give you more. There’s so much to do and discover and we’re opening up Metro Manila to help you find your flavor starting with fitness and beauty. The new and improved Booky is stronger and cuter than ever.

Grease (1978)

Fresh from some summer lovin’ (happened so fast), the headband-clad Sandra Dee spends the whole movie hopelessly devoted to Danny Zuko with her tamed hair and yellow cardigans. But the moment she stepped out in her timeless black off-shoulder ensemble, red lips, and teased hairdo, flicks her cigarette, she had us at “Tell me about it, stud.”

Lip Tint – Fleek Eyebrow and Beauty Clinic

Price: ₱8,000 instead of the original ₱16,000

Taylor Swift’s “red lips and rosy cheeks” are shaking because Sandra Dee did it first. Fleek can give you the perfect tint, with vegetable pigment applied with a microneedle that will last up to 3 years! 

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Hair and Makeup – Hair by Jing Monis Salon

Price: ₱2,000 instead of the original ₱2,500

At Hair by Jing Monis, their in-house makeup artists will make sure you achieve that peg, complete with hair styling! Bring back the curls and smokey eyes!


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She’s All That (1999)

While the song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer was made iconic by this scene, nothing will take away from Laney Boggs slowly descending the stairs with her new lewk. Tbh, she literally just set aside the painted overalls, cut her hair, and put on some contact lenses – but even the smallest changes make a big impact.

Special Hair Package – David’s Salon

Price: ₱575 instead of original 1,050

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No matter how dry your hair is (especially tied in tight braids all the time like this character), it’s never too late to revive your locks. Need a haircut + hair spa? David’s Salon has the whole package just for you.

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Clueless (1995)

Of all makeover montages, Clueless’ serves as a class A example on how to nail the trope. When Cher and Dee take in new student Tai and glam her up, it’s especially upbeat and empowering, because instead of straightening her hair, they wash out the color and keep her curls! And what’s more – you never see Cher make Tai go on a diet; she pushes her to wear crop tops anyway and do a little Buns of Steel on the side.

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JMS Repair Treatment – Jing Monis

Price: Ranging from ₱1,650 to ₱2,000 depending on hair length
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Jing Monis Salon’s signature treatment lets your locks get the best revival done only with the finest products by experts! If you color your hair often and have dry hair as the aftermath, this might be your solution.

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Radiofrequency or Cavitation (Thighs or Buttocks) – Nazal MD

Price: ₱2,800 instead of the original 7,000
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We get a little sneak peek of Tai’s fitness journey as she does squats to Buns of Steel in Cher’s living room, but what if she could skip this entirely? Nazal MD’s radiofrequency or cavitation uses non-invasive frequencies to lift skin and tighten your thighs or buttocks.

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The Princess Diaries (2001)

Say it with me: Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia. Mia served as a gym class heroine for every girl going through her formative years in the 2000s, and the moment she stepped out of the car post-makeover, we all knew there was hope for us. Also worth noting: Mia’s #flex when she had to take off her hat and unveil her new do was a mood.

Steam Bond – Veneracion Beauty Salon

Price: ₱1,920 instead of the original 3,200
Photo from Booky

There’s no shame in wanting to change up your look and get straight hair, but proceed responsibly! No one wants damaged mane – that’s where Veneracion Salon’s Steam Bond comes into play. Using L’Oreal products and their revolutionary steam bond treatment, you’ll get the silky smooth texture you’ve always wanted without paying the price!

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 Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

While Crazy, Stupid, Love‘s makeover scene is both parts hilarious and harsh, it was a pioneer of the metrosexual viewpoint in modern film. Essentially, Ryan Gosling’s character is transforming Steve Carell’s into an elderly fuccboi, but the statement remains the same: age is but a number.

Brazilian Waxing (Male) – Pink Parlour

Price: ₱980 instead of the original ₱1400
Photo from Booky

We’re using our imagination here, but if Cal Weaver was being groomed to be your average fuccboi, he was probably being groomed down there, if you catch our drift. So for any man after a clean look (or just in it for the experience), Pink Parlour doesn’t discriminate on gender (boom, She’s the Man reference).

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Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

When Kingsman came out in 2014, it soon became the millennial James Bond figure we never knew we needed. Setting a good example for anyone who thought gold chains were a good idea, Eggsy’s rags-to-riches aesthetic brought back the dapper, bespoke look that only gentlemen are worthy of.

Photo from ET Online

Total Grooming – M Barbers

Price: ₱945 instead of the original 1,350
Photo from Booky

A man armed with a sharp haircut has nothing to fear. If that’s good enough for spies, that’s good enough for us normies. Jing Monis’ expert stylists for men will take the grooming experience further with a fresh cut, manicure, and pedicure.

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