Mornings just got better

We’ll be honest with you – we are not morning people. We, too, have a difficult time getting up in the morning and leaving the warmth of our comforters. It’s especially hard on rainy days like today but Manam just gave us a reason to get out of bed.

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When it comes to Filipino food, Manam is a go-to restaurant for many of us. The homegrown concept by The Moment Group specializes in serving up comfort Filipino food in classics and twists. Favorites include their Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon, Pancit Palabok, and of course their signature House Crispy Sisig – which is said to be the best in the Metro!

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You can imagine our excitement when we found out that one of our favorite places for Filipino food now serves our favorite meal of the day – breakfast! From 7am to 10am, you can now head over to Manam BGC and Manam Greenbelt to enjoy a special morning menu.

Tocino Silog | Photo from Booky

Must tries include their Tocino Silog and Corned Beef Tostado – they take Delimondo corned beef and fry it until it’s dry and crispy, almost like adobo flakes! If you prefer a classic Pinoy breakfast, we hear their house-made tuyo and tinapa are also delicious.

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We’re not quite sure why no one ever thought of turning sisig into a breakfast food— it goes so well with egg! Leave it to Manam to come up with the ultimate breakfast of champions. Their best-seller, the Sisigsilog, is unbeatable and it tastes even better when you’re hungover

All Silogs are served with your choice of either fried or scrambled eggs, tomatoes & onions with a choice of garlic white or brown rice
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Not into silog meals? Try their take on Champorado. They use tablea which makes it chocolatey, rich, and super sweet. To balance the dish, they top it with crunchy root crisps and tuyo flakes for added salt and texture. If you’re an ube lover, the Ube Champorado is a must-try!

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Mornings just got “mas malinamnam” thanks to Manam’s new breakfast menu. Don’t forget, it’s only available from 7am to 10am so be there early if you want to start the day right!

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