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When it comes to fast, affordable, and filling Filipino dining, Mang Inasal is an easy pick for a spot that fills up the belly without emptying out the wallet.

But with all of the possible food combinations along with the unli rice and bottomless soup considerations, it can be a bit difficult to figure out what exactly it is you want to get at Mang Inasal. This is where we come in. We’ve jotted down the ins and outs of all your favorite dishes from the Mang Inasal menu.

Classic Merienda Dishes

Lumpiang Togue


Kicking off this list, we’ve got Mang Inasal’s Lumpiang Togue. The best thing about this savory wrap of goodness is that you can eat as a side-dish.

It’s a healthy mix of vegetables like mung bean sprouts, camote, carrots, Baguio beans, and Tokwa— all wrapped into a hearty spring roll and fried to perfection. Sliced diagonally and served with Mang Inasal’s special suka.

All in all, the Lumpiang Togue is a crispy and tasty side dish that does a great job of supporting a star platter, or even satisfying a quick munchie!


Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Palabok is one of those classic Filipino dishes that almost everyone loves and even when it’s bad, still tastes pretty good.

Fortunately, Mang Inasal’s Palabok is not bad at all; it has filling noodles, a flavorful sauce, and light, crisp toppings. Unfortunately, just like the Lumpiang Togue, the Palabok still doesn’t have the chops of making it into Mang Inasal’s list of star dishes just yet!

Classic Filipino Desserts

Creme de Leche Halo Halo

Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

Coming in is the first of Mang Inasal’s surprising roster of very solid desserts and snacks, the Creme de Leche Halo Halo.

This delicious concoction of milk and ice, topped with caramelized banana, macapuno and leche flan is definetely a must-try. It’s the perfect balance of fruity and sweet, right after a heavy meal.

Leche Flan

Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

Another Filipino classic, another satisfied stomach. As much as we love our leche flan, Mang Inasal’s version is ultimately packed with flavor but lacking so much in size.

Otherwise, it’s hard to go wrong with this rich, indulgent, and classic custard topped off with sweet and flavorful caramelized sugar.

Pinoy Halo-Halo

Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

Mang Inasal’s Pinoy Halo-Halo emerges as the king of their robust and underrated menu of dessert options– and is anyone really surprised? It’s Halo-Halo, for crying out loud!

Shaved ice and milk topped with whirlwind of flavors and textures such as buko pandan jelly, ube halaya, leche flan, ube ice cream and barquillos— This refreshing dish deserves a pat on the back!

TAKE NOTE: All PM meals come with unlimited rice-refills! 

Favorite Rice Meals

Bangus Sisig

Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

Putting in an admirable performance, Bangus Sisig is an easy order if you’re in the mood for a satisfying meal that’s just out of the ordinary.

A delicious combination of soft and flaky bangus with the unmistakably Pinoy flavors of sisig, Mang Inasal’s Bangus Sisig definitely warrants a second look for those that have written it off.

Insider Tip: Mention PM4 to order the Bangus Sisig.

Pork Sisig

Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

One of the most underrated dishes from Mang Inasal, their Pork Sisig is a light, flavorful, and surprisingly good (as in, really good) addition to their already meaty menu.

Crisp in all the right spots, bursting with flavor all throughout, we cannot recommend Mang Inasal’s Pork Sisig enough if it’s something that you still haven’t tasted.

Insider Tip: Order the PM5 to get the Pork Sisig. 

Pork BBQ

Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

Going head-to-head with many of the rice meals in the menu, Mang Inasal’s Pork BBQ doesn’t hold back.

Their savory, hot off-the-grill pork barbecues are touched with a punch of flavor and paired simply with a warm cup of rice. Hunger served!

Insider Tip: Order the PM3 to get 2-pcs of Pork Barbecue. Order the SM2 to get just 1pc. 

Crowd Favorites

Paa with Rice

Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

The difference between Paa and Pecho may be negligible to some, but this was a decision that we agonized over! Given that both the Paa and Pecho have that signature Mang Inasal flavor, the deciding factor between the clash of these two culinary titans comes down to the actual part.

When it comes to inasal, we feel that chicken is truly the best vehicle for all of that great, smokey flavor.

Enjoy marinated chicken quarters, skewered and grilled to heighten all that flavor! Best enjoyed with a warm cup of rice.

Insider Tip: Order the PM1 to enjoy this delicious dish! 

Pecho with Rice

Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

And our absolute, most favorite thing to order at Mang Inasal is their classic Pecho. Bursting with flavor, meaty and succulent in every bite, and at a serving size that will satisfy even the biggest of appetites, the Pecho has everything that we could ask for and more!

If you ever catch us at Mang Inasal, it’ll be with their Pecho in one hand and a rice refill in the other!

Insider Tip: Order the PM2 to satisfy your hunger with this dish!
TAKE NOTE: Don't hold back and feel free to use your hands when munching down on your Inasal. No judgement here!

Go all out Filipino-style!

Enjoy your scrumptious meal with a cold glass of Mang Inasal’s Iced Red Gulaman! Sweetened with special syrup, and of course, loaded with gulaman– this quenching drink stands as the cherry on top a delicious meal!

Photo from Facebook | MangInasalPhilippines

Sauce 101

Inasal is such an intricate dish that’s packed with flavor. The best part of it all? Mixing and matching your sauce of choice for an added kick, to an otherwise already delicious platter!

Photo from @kusinerangpinay

Picking the perfect sauce to pair with your inasal all boils down to preference. There is no right or wrong way to mix it up! It’s totally up to you. Below are the key ingredients you need to get that construct your perfect condiment!

Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce has become a solid staple in many of our local cuisines. Created by fermenting soy beans, this salty and dark liquid will help you reach Nirvana (in inasal terms, of course).

Photo from @anamaezinglife


Sinamak is made by placing dry ingridients such as ginger, siling labuyo, peppercorns, and garlic into a bottle and pouring vinegar to finish it out. The concoction is allowed to sit for 2 days. When it’s ready to use, it’s usually mixed in with soy sauce! The perfect combo of salty and sour!

Photo from @rpm.61319

Siling Labuyo

Siling Labuyo directly translates to wild chili. It’s usually added to your sauce to give you that ultimate K.O. of goodness! This chili’s not one to mess with either, it’s Scoville rating ranks 80,000-10,000! That’s hotter than the jalapeño!

Insider Tip: Smash the siling labuyo into your sawsawan to allow its spicy juices to flow, and give your sauce a kick!
Photo from @chechesgourmetofficial


The local Filipino calamansi doesn’t hold similar sour-levels as its cousins, but it does satisfy our tastebuds! Calamansi builds the taste and balances out the sweetness. We love the asim this citrus-hybrid offers us, that we even squeeze it over our pancit!

Insider Tip: You can choose to squeeze the calamnsi over your chicken and even onto your sawsawan dish! Go nuts! 
Photo from @iamgiverbuera

Atsuete Oil

This is what all inasal dreams are made of! What even is inasal without this mouthwatering oil? Almost looking like liquid gold, this thick and dark-orange oil is used to flavor your inasal (and even your rice!)

Insider Tip: Atsuete Oil is made from chicken fat, so make sure you don't let yourself get lost in the sauce! (We want to enjoy our food, not clog our arteries!)
Photo from @cristine.26

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