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Our prayers have been answered.

Aside from being everyone’s go-to travel destination for the past half decade, The Land of the Rising Sun has made a huge dent in our food scene. Japanese cuisine has almost dominated as our favorite food (second only to our Filipino dishes), from ramen, sushi, yakitori, and so much more, and it really showed last year when McDonald’s came out with Flavors of Japan.

Photo from @mcdo_ph
mcdonalds menu flavors of japan
Photo from @paultheprguy

Flavors of Japan: Autum Edition

For those who missed it last February, you’re in luck, because McDonald’s is bringing back Flavors of Japan: Autumn Edition. We’ve got the same set of burgers: the Ebi Burger, lightly salted, tempura-coated shrimp patty with sweet sauce, and the Teriyaki Samurai Burger, beef patty dipped in Teriyaki glaze, both sandwiched between a black and white sesame bun.

mcdonalds menu flavors of japan ebi burger
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Seasons change, but McDonald’s quality items stay the same. In place of the Strawberry Sakura Float that came earlier this year, we’ve now got the Fuji Apple McFreeze, a sweet and icy Red Apple-flavored treat.

mcdonalds menu flavors of japan
Photo from McDonald’s

Can you guess what’s in place of their Nori Fries? YUP, YOU GUESSED IT.

Twister Fries

No introduction needed. Our favorite Twister Fries are back!

mcdonalds menu flavors of japan
Photo from McDonald’s
Available now for a limited time!

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