Husband and wife create the perfect restaurant marriage with Mr. & Mrs. Graham’s.

Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop

We all know, or at least have heard of, Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe–the quaint little Parisian-inspired cafe serving unique flavored macarons. For those who still think Mrs. Graham’s is a reference to Graham crackers , today is the day you find out it’s not. Graham is a surname.

So when news about a Mr. Graham’s shop opening beside Mrs. Graham circulated online, we thought of two things, one is that it’s such a brilliant idea and two, why didn’t they think of this sooner.

Mr. Graham is a specialty sandwich shop that serves gourmet savory sandwiches without hurting the budget. Graham brothers, Chris (the Mister and a musician) and Carl (a filmmaker) took inspiration from their father, who used to make easy-to-prepare meals (a.k.a. sandwiches) for them when they were kids when their mom was out on errands.

Currently, they serbve 5 kinds of manwiches and hefty sandwiches, all of which come with chips and slaw on the side.

The Cebuano

Mr. Graham’s take on the classic cubano. Their signature sandwich.
| Pan Cubano | Lechon | Ham | Cheddar Cheese | Aioli | Lechon Skin | Pickled green | Yellow Mangoes |

Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop
Photo from @stephyes

The Submariner

The resident fish sandwich.
| Pan Cubano | Shredded Apple, Carrots and Cabbage | Tartar Sauce | Breaded Cream Dory |

Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop
Photo from @matthewbryanko

The Club

The best clubhouse they’ve ever had.
| Honey Bread | Guacamole | Grilled Chicken | Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato |

Photo from @nicopolicarpio

Four Cheese, Bacon Please

Parmesan frico’d bread is freaking awesome. 
|Honey Bread | Mozarella | Cream Cheese & Cheddar | Beer-n-Onion Bacon Jam | Frico’d with Parmesan |

Mr Graham's Sandwich Shop
Photo from @chuakristine11

The Sloppy G

It’s a cream-based version of a Sloppy Joe.
| Whole Wheat Buns | Ground Beef | Minced Mushrooms | Cheddar Cheese | Creamy White Sauce |

Mr. Graham's Sandwich Shop
Photo from @cheffymitchyu

We recommend the The Cebuano and Four Cheese, Bacon Please paired with their homemade Apple Pie Soda then finish your meal with macarons from the Missus.

Here’s an insider tip: If you prefer something lighter, you can get your sandwiches naked – get the lettuce and the filling but skip the bread.

While waiting for your orders, create fun memories with friends and play some of the board games they have on shelf. Battle of the Sexes is a favorite among barkadas who visit Mr. Graham.

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51-C Scout Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City
+63 2 351-5115