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We’re here to spill the tea.

With the milk tea craze at an all-time high, the hair industry has brewed up new hair colors fit for milk tea fans everywhere! Inspired by none other than your favorite beverage, you can now enjoy pretty milk tea hair colors, too!

L - Infinitea Milk Tea 
R - Blonde Hair
(L-R) Photo from Booky | Photo from @rina_snkz

The milk tea hair color trend recently started blowing up on Instagram from Japanese and Singaporean users, labeling photos of their newly-done ‘dos with the hashtag, “#milkteahair.” 

L - Cha Tuk Chak Koko Yen Milk Tea
R - Brunette Hair
(L-R) Photo from Booky | Photo from @cameo_on7

Colorists are now experimenting with the milk tea hue by creating different tones that resemble your favorite flavors like Okinawa Milk Tea, Wintermelon Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Thai Milk Tea, and more!

L - Serenitea Milk Tea 
R - Strawberry blonde hair
(L-R) Photo from Booky | Photo from @ravissant_hairstudio

They even have ombrè color techniques to match the milk tea and tapioca pearl combo! Take your pick and visit a salon near you to achieve that kawaii #milkteahair look.

L - Macao Imperial Tea Milk Tea
R - Ombre Hair - Blonde and black
(L-R) Photo from Booky | Photo from @kyu2yu

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