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The New Year has arrived and, try as you might to fight it, with it comes an irresistible and inevitable urge to make New Year’s resolutions. No matter how many short-lived and doomed-to-fail resolutions we make, whenever January comes around we can’t help but start making these promises anew. And it’s not our fault that we feel more than a little optimistic when the new year starts; after all, the beginning of a new year brings with it so much potential and possibility.

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So, what’s the solution? Well, of course it’s that the first resolution for 2019 should be to start making better New Year’s resolutions! We’ve come up with a short guide to help you make resolutions that you won’t break.

Be Specific

The first step to a no-fail resolution is by making your resolution a specific one.


Sure, resolutions like “Get in better shape” or “Be less toxic” are good starting points, but the reason these resolutions often fail is because they tend to be too vague, making a successful resolution hard to define. So, instead of “Get in better shape” you can say “Lose 10 pounds” or “Complete a 20k marathon”.

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An added bonus to having specific goals is that it can help motivate you. Having a goal such as a marathon or an event to work towards can be its own motivation and give you the energy and will to follow through with your resolutions.

Make It Measurable

Once you have a specific resolution in mind, you need to make sure that you can note and measure your progress.

For resolutions such as losing weight or reading a book a week, measuring your progress comes easily and naturally, but what about for resolutions like “Learn how to bake” or “Be a nicer person”?


For those resolutions that are less easy to break down into numbers and measure, you can still find ways to note your progress. For instance, if your resolution is to learn how to bake, then you can measure your progress in how many you dishes you’ve learned that week. If it’s to be a nicer and less toxic person, then you can note how many (or fewer) times you got into an argument that week or if you stopped yourself from road-raging at a driver who cut you off.


This step is especially important because big resolutions can be appear intimidating and even impossible to do, so seeing your week-to-week progress can prove to yourself that you’re still on track.

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Set Realistic Expectations

It’s good to aim high for your resolutions, but make sure that whatever you can actually achieve your goals.

If you want to learn a musical instrument as your resolution, then you probably shouldn’t expect to be able to pull off a solo concert at the end of the year (barring undiscovered virtuoso talent). But just because a concert is out of the question doesn’t mean that you can’t aim for something more realistic, like taking part in a recital.


Don’t be discouraged by this tip! It’s here so that you don’t end up frustrating yourself and giving up on your goals completely.

Adjust and Adapt

No matter how hard you try to keep to your resolutions, sometimes life makes it impossible to do. It’s important to accept that fact and be willing to adjust accordingly.

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If a tough week tires you out too much and you end up skipping a workout or if you really could not resist that cup of rice despite your “No Rice” resolution, then that’s ok! One missed gym session or one cheat dinner doesn’t wipe away all of the progress that you’ve made nor does it disqualify you from still achieving your resolution.

It’s not about being perfect, but being able to accept temporary setbacks and coming back stronger and more determined.

Have Fun with It

Finally, it’s important that you enjoy your New Year’s resolution. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every time you work out or read a book you break out a smile, but your resolutions should positively challenge and stimulate you.


If you’re going to spend most of the year trying to accomplish a resolution, then you might as well enjoy and appreciate the grind.

This extra steps turns something from a one-time New Year resolution into a lifelong habbit that will help you become a better person over the years.

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2019 is just starting and it can be whatever you want to be, so be sure to make it yours! Download the Booky app today and get access to the best offers on food, fitness, and beauty that 2019 has to offer.