Prepare, don’t panic.

There’s a lot of uncertainty during this time, we can tell you that. But here’s one thing to know for sure: There’s nothing you can’t do to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe. So, before you panic, let’s make sure you come prepared.

For all your basic necessities, food and beverage needs, and local produce bargains, we’ve curated a list of Where to Shop for Groceries Online within and outside of Metro Manila. But remember, there’s no need to hoard supplies—there’s no food shortage and stores will definitely restock.

Disclaimer: Due to the high volume of deliveries at these online shops, you might expect a possible limited supply and some delays in delivery. But all is not lost; don’t let that stop you from seeking out small businesses ready to provide you with food supplies and essentials!

This list only shows some of the many enterprises and markets willing to serve you during our community quarantine.

Online Supermarkets


Robinsons Supermarket, S&R Membership Shopping, Rustan’s The Marketplace, and Farmers Market are some of the notable supermarkets that you can order fresh food and quality essentials online. For affordable medicines and health products, you can check out Watsons and Generika Drugstore.

P.S. For pet needs, you can order from Pet Express online. To view and place orders, download the Metromart App or order via their official website.

Note: MetroMart is CLOSED today (March 17), but will be operational again on March 18.

MetroMart App
Photo from Facebook | MetroMartPH

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If you’re in need of basic essentials, Lazada’s Lazmart provides food, drinks, personal and baby care products, pet care essentials, etc. To make shopping easier, Lazmart lets you sort categories based on item types, brand, unit metric, and more!

You can check Lazmart out through the Lazada app or through Lazada’s official website.

Lazmart essentials
Photo from @lazadaph

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Download the Lazada app for iOS
Download the Lazada app for Android

WalterMart Delivery

WalterMart has always been a reliable source for high-quality food, drinks, and produce at an affordable price point. In times like these, WalterMart Delivery allows you to make orders online for fresh meat & seafood, fresh fruits & vegetables, frozen foods, and more.

All you have to do is sort through their range of categories to get what you need! Plus, WalterMart Delivery gives you the option to buy products (i.e. bottled water, fruit juices, and soft drinks) in bulk—though, there’s no need to hoard!

WalterMart Delivery Toilet Seat Cover
Photo from @waltermartsupermarket

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Phil Grocer

Let’s face this sad reality: Everyone in the country is affected by COVID-19. Unlike most of the Metro Manila-based online groceries in our list, Phil Grocer delivers nationwide. This means you can send your loved ones within or outside of Metro Manila all kinds of grocery food items to keep them safe and nourished.

To simplify what you need, Phil Grocer’s domain divides its items into two categories: “Food” and “Non-Food.” Simple enough, right? Here, you can get canned goods, personal care products, cooking needs, and many more.

Phil Grocer's assortment of products
Photo from Facebook | philgrocer

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Landers’ website is a convenient space to purchase everything you need—from food and beverages, hand soap and sanitizer, disinfectant, and more. Known for their budget deals, Landers is also providing a “Buy 2 for the Price of 1” and “99 and below” promo on their website.

Landers also delivers to Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, and Cebu. To find out if they deliver to your location, click here.

Photo from @lazadaph

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Real Food

Located in Molito, Real Food offers a curated selection of healthy edibles such as organic produce, free-range poultry, grass-fed pork and beef, and hormone-free dairy products, to name. If you’re looking for specialty products but can’t access them at the moment, Real Food is a great place to find your organic food necessities online.

With the global pandemic at large, COVID-19 is affecting small businesses—our farmers included. Real Food believes in supporting the local agricultural industry, which is why over 90% of the merchandise is grown and sourced locally from farmers, cooperatives and social enterprises. Support our farmers while eating clean and green!

Photo from @realfoodph

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The Green Grocer Manila

You might think it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst the pandemic, but The Green Grocer Manila makes it both easy and accessible. The Green Grocer is Manila’s first local delivery service of fresh produce, grass-fed and naturally raised meats, artisan bread and cheese, organic eggs, and other fresh gourmet eats.

Photo from @thegreengrocermanila

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Meat and Seafood 

Rare Food Shop

A purveyor for hotels and restaurants, Rare Food Shop specializes in a premium selection of meats, seafood, and poultry unique to many of its rivals. For a generous supply of imported steak, seafood, and specialty products, Rare Food Shop delivers straight to your doorstep with just a click! 

Insider tip: Rare Food Shop offers nationwide coverage, which means they deliver door-to-door to all major cities and nearby areas!

Rare Food Shop's tenderloin
Photo from Facebook | rarefoodshop

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Monterey Meats

One of the country’s most well known butcher shops is making sure your protein needs are met. Monterey Meats offers a wide selection of poultry and meat as well as marinated and ready to cook ulam dishes.

You can check out their list of open branches here. While some offer a delivery option, others are only available for pick up orders so be sure to check for the branch you need.

Photo from Monterey Meats Facebook page

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Mr. Delicious

Mr. Delicious is a specialty online meat shop that offers choice cuts, cured, smoked, and marinated meats to keep your freezers well stocked. You can also find everyday eats like pasta sauce, soup, and mashed potatoes. They are currently operating on a skeletal staff.

Photo from @mrdeliciousph

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Pacific Bay Seafood

Pacific Bay offers a wide array of products—from basic meat cuts to premium meat and seafood, perfectly packaged and portioned to suit the needs of a home kitchen. Pacific Bay Seafood also offers same-day delivery, but due to the imposed curfew, is limiting their deliveries for orders placed up to 4 PM.

Pacific Bay Seafood Scallops
Photo from @pacificbayseafood

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Tenderbites offers a wide variety of meat cuts to meet different cooking needs. Check out their website and you’ll find all sorts of premium cuts from beef, pork, and lamb to choose from. If you’re not looking for anything fancy, Tenderbites also provides regular beef and pork cuts priced under ₱500.

Insider tip: Tenderbites also carries premium imported items such as USDA Angus, Japanese Wagyu beef, and Imported Lamb.

Tenderbites Lamb Chop
Photo from Facebook | Tenderbites

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Antwe Crafted Meats

Offering only the real deal, preservative free cured meats and charcuterie, Antwe Crafted Meats has bacon, luncheon meat, and sausages that will fill the pantry and the stomach. They’ve invested much in their recipe development so you can be sure you’ll get nothing but the real deal.

Photo from @antwecraftedmeats

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Limon Farms

Limon Farms was created to cater to the Filipinos transitioning into a healthy new lifestyle. If you’re laying off canned goods and junk food, Limon Farms offers products that are fresh, clean and 100% organic. Their products range from organic chicken, pork, to eggs—all considered reasonably priced.

There’s no minimum order, but make sure to stock up on food enough for you and your family only! To order Limon Farms’ organic products, contact them through their mobile number, Instagram account, or Facebook page.

Limon Farms frozen meats
Photo from @limonfarms

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(0915) 623-8205

Prime Pacific Foods

They offer a wide selection of frozen food and goods

Photo from Prime Pacific’s Facebook page

JAAM Seafoods Trading

JAAM Seafoods Trading is known for its budget-friendly seafood without skimping on the quality. One of their customers’ top picks is the 250-gram platter of fatty, fresh tuna and salmon sashimi you can get for only ₱280. Don’t worry, it might be cheap, but it’s also high in quality!

JAAM Seafoods Trading is fortunately still in service during this COVID-19 situation and they’re accepting online orders from 7 AM to 5 PM only, so make sure to send them a message on Instagram or Facebook!

JAAM Seafoods Trading Salmon Sashimi
Photo from Facebook | JAAM Seafoods Trading

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Garcia’s Butcher Shop

Call 8920-7794 for deliveries
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In need of Coca-Cola’s refreshing beverages during your self-quarantine? Coca-Cola and its online delivery provide its original Coca-Cola drinks, Wilkins Distilled Water, Minute Maid Fruit Juices, and even Nutri Boost. Their website also allows you to sort through their products by use and shows you the amount of Coca-Cola drinks in bulk as well as their bottle sizes.

Coca-Cola Bottle
Photo from @iamchristajane

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The Murang Gulay Shop

The Murang Gulay Shop aims to provide fresh but affordable vegetables to everyone through delivery or pick-up. The vegetable purveyor offers a vast and varied selection of highland and lowland crops as well as spices and fruits. To place orders for their fresh produce, message them on Facebook.

The Murang Gulay Shop assortment of vegetables
Photo from Facebook | The Murang Gulay Shop

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(0905) 969 1837

Session Groceries

Session Groceries is an app that connects local farmers and consumers in order to support local agribusinesses. Session Groceries’ farmers offer fresh strawberries from Benguet, organic eggs, honey, and more. Not to mention, they deliver right to your doorstep!

The app also promotes a sustainable lifestyle and educates the local community on the benefits of eating fresh, locally grown food. In this dystopic climate and global situation, it’s important to stay healthy while lending a helping hand to our local farmers who are sadly, one of the worst-hit.

Session Groceries' Benguet strawberries

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Bukid Fresh

Bukid Fresh is an online farmers market offering local, top-quality, and naturally grown fruits & vegetables at family-friendly prices. Bukid Fresh is currently in operation, which means they’re taking the necessary steps to ensure their food is safe and their riders are also fit and in good condition to deliver at the comfort of your home.

You can order a Bayong comprised of an assortment of vegetables depending on the dish you wish to make—chop suey, pinakbet, nilaga, and sinigang are some of the kinds of Bayong you can get.

Photo from Facebook | bukidfresh

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DowntoEarth is a family farm located in Bukidnon where they currently grow biodynamic vegetables, and raise and source local cattle, heritage pork, lamb and native poultry.

On DowntoEarth’s website, you can order a selection of grass-fed beef and dairy, specialty produce, regular cuts of meat, and even vegan and vegetarian treats that are typically hard to find online!

Photo from Facebook | downtoearthphilippines

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That’s all we have for now. We know times are tough, but let’s remember that your safety and protection is first priority. It might seem difficult to wrap your head around things right now, so please make sure to take a drink of water, some vitamins, and food during these trying times. In the meantime, we’re here for you.

Take care always!

– The Booky Team