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For when you want to get lit.

Want to meet up with your barkada but you want to do something more than just collectively downing one bottle of beer after the other? Don’t you fret, ’cause we got some ideas that’ll turn up your inuman sessions to get it lit af!

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Check down below for the 7 ways you can turn up your inuman session with your barkada!

Play Drinking Games

Drinking Games. It’s one way to get some alcohol in your system that’s fun and can squeeze out some juicy stories from your barkada.

If you don’t know what to play, here are some famous ones you can do: Never Have I Ever, Drink or Dare, Flip Cup, and Shot Roulette. Or better yet, create your own and up the bets of the winners and losers; you’re sure to have a blast.

Guys Chugging Down Beer
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Have a Karaoke/Jamming Session

It comes as no surprise that the more people get drunk, the more loose and confident they are. Make use of that confidence, grab a mic, and take a swing at singing a song! There’s no better way to heal heartbreak than with a hugot-filled song or to prove that you have a “golden voice” by being the resident birit queen/king.

Tip: To make it even more fun or challenging, throw some money into the mix and the one who has the highest score gets to bring home the pot. 
Singing in Karaoke
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Compete with Others in Video Games, Card Games, and Board Games

Still seeing straight or still sober? Then, give games (and your friendship) a whirl. Play some video games, board games, and card games.

A few suggestions of games perfect for groups that don’t have many rules which you can play are: Uno, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, and Pusoy Dos.

Throwing Dice on a Board
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Dance Like No One’s Watching

Science may not back it up but your dancing gets infinitely better when your drinking. ‘Cause one, you don’t care who’s watching and two, you’re too busy having fun with your friends to care.

So go, take a shot, and drag a friend along to the dance floor. Who knows, you and your friends may just be the next initiator of a dance that goes viral.

White Chicks Dance Moves
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Netflix and . . . Drink

The dance floor getting too crowded? Try something new by opening Netflix, putting on a heart pumping/tear jerking movie/episode from your favorite series, and ending your night on a high note.

Tip: If you want more alcohol involved in this activity, play the drinking game "Take a drink when . . ."
Drinking Wine from Game of Thrones
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Reminisce and Talk

One of the main reasons, if not the main reason, why you’ve scheduled an inuman session is probably because you want to catch up with your barkada. So, take advantage of it!

Order a bucket of beer or several glasses of alcohol and reminisce, talk out your problems, or have a laugh trip. Sometimes, doing the simplest of things can make the whole night feel like it was worth it.

FRIENDS Cast Hugging Each Other
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Feast on Some Food

As every Filipino gathering goes, it’s not complete without food. So, what better way to enjoy both the alcohol and the company of your barkada than by sharing a plate of sizzling sisig, crunchy crispy pata, or mouthwatering inihaw na liempo.

Kamote Cue, Squidball, Kikiam, Calamares, Hotdog, Fish Cake, Barbeque, and Chips from Padi's Point Restaurant and Bar
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Now that we’ve given you some activities to do, it’s time to schedule your next inuman and get lit with your barkada?

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Padi’s Point

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Padi's Point Antipolo Place
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Margarita Pizza from Padi's Point
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