Ready for complete panda-monium?

Are you ready for some Orange Chicken? Well, get your wallets ready, because Panda Express is opening in TWO DAYS. No need to worry, because we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek of their first-ever branch in the country and here’s your first look at the famous Chinese-American chain in the Philippines:

Panda Express Philippines Exterior
Photo from Booky

Officially confirmed through Jollibee Foods Corporation, the first-ever Panda Express in the Philippines is set to open in 2 days at the Upper Ground Level of Mega A in SM Megamall!

You’ll be able to enjoy their best-selling Orange Chicken and other signature Panda Express dishes! Aside from the beloved wok-tossed Orange Chicken, Panda Express’ Broccoli BeefBeijing Beef, and Kung Pao Chicken are some of the other classic favorites coming your way.

Panda Express Philippines Interior and Exterior
Photo from Booky

For people who want to lay off the beef, Panda Express Manila’s menu has a ton of chicken options such as their String Bean Chicken, made with chicken breast and wok-tossed in mild ginger soy sauce; Asian Grilled Chicken, a grilled chicken thigh hand-sliced and served with teriyaki sauce; as well as their Mushroom Chicken, which is a combination of chicken, mushroom, and zucchini wok-tossed in a light ginger soy sauce.

Plate from Panda Express
Photo from Booky

For a healthier alternative, Panda Express Manila will also be serving their vegetarian-friendly Eggplant Tofu, made with lightly-browned tofu, eggplant, red bell peppers, and tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce. Their side choices also include Chow Mein, White Steamed Rice, Fried Rice, and Mixed Vegetables.

Panda Express Plate including Orange Chicken, Chow Mien, Broccoli Beef and more.
Photo from Booky

Their Panda Express Bowl (1 Entree + 1 Side) goes for ₱195, their Plate (2 Entree + 1 Side) goes for ₱245, and their Bigger Plate (3 Entree + 2 Sides) goes for ₱295.

Now that you know where exactly to go and what to order, will we be seeing you at their grand opening this Thursday? For more updates, check out Panda Express PH’s Facebook page and Instagram account. We’re freaking out about Panda Express opening, but what if we told you we’re getting even more this 2020There’s still so much to look forward to!

Are you ready for some Orange Chicken? Well, get your wallets ready, because the wait is almost over. Panda Express is coming to SM Megamall and we’ve got the low-down on where exactly to find them. Plus, we know which Chinese-American favorites they’ll be cooking up for us soon!

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