Sayang, walang “broken-hearted” flavor.

The best part of Valentine’s is about the sweet desserts you get to treat yourself. If anything, Valentine’s should be all about that. Whether you’re in a healthy relationship, happily single, or trying your hand at online dating, a scoop— no, a tub of ice cream is more than enough to add a cherry on top to any regular Valentine’s day.

You’re in for a treat because Papa Diddi’s is serving up these special ice cream flavors that represent the 5 stages of any relationship. Committed, in need of closure, or new to the scene, have a scoop of Papa Diddi’s ice cream flavors sure to fill the void (no matter how small) in your heart.

Papa Diddi's selection of ice cream flavors
Photo from Facebook | PapaDiddis

Papa Diddi’s serves five flavors: Attraction, Dating, Disappointment, Stability, and Commitment. For people in the smitten stage, “Attraction” is the ideal choice— a minty chocolate flavor, you’ll feel fresh at any given moment you’re around that special someone.

Papa Diddi's Handcrafted Ice Cream selection
Photo from @papadiddis

“Dating” is a strawberry cheesecake flavor you can never go wrong with while “Disappointment” is a whiskey-infused chocolate sure to soothe your sorrows.

Photo from Booky

“Stability” means accepting your partner’s unconventional ways much like this sweet potato and cinnamon combination. And lastly, celebrate the ultimate stage of “Commitment” with a perfect blend of white chocolate and fresh strawberries.

So, what’s your flavor this Valentine’s? For more information on Papa Diddi’s, check out their Facebook page and Instagram account.

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Papa Diddi’s

Pappa Diddi’s is a homegrown all-local ice cream parlor focused on selling small batch, hand-mixed & hand packed all-natural premium ice cream. Their ingredients are sourced from farms, local gardens, and markets all over the country.

Papa Diddi's Interior
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Enjoy Papa Diddi’s unique flavors and milk the most out of it! You can get 1 scoop of Tres Leches and another scoop of any new flavor—and you only have to pay for one!

Fun fact: The initial plan was to name the shop, 'Happy Accident', since most of their flavors are products of happy and successful accidents.

Buy 1 Get 1 Tres Leches + Any Ice Cream Flavor

Price: 2 orders for only ₱80!
Papa Diddi's Tres Lehes + Any Ice Cream Flavor
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To claim your BOGO from Papa Diddi’s, just follow the steps below:

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  3. Pick a coupon to avail

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