Partners in Cream is the Perfect Dessert Spot for this Hot ‘n’ Cold Weather

For when it’s sunny but also raining… but also sunny. 

We are on the cusp of summer turning into the rainy season and with this trippy weather comes trippy moods. One day you’re craving an ice cold snow cone, the next a hot bowl of ramen.  Other days, you throw both out the window and just look for a sugar fix.

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Partners in Cream – Sagul Malingap Food Park

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Partners in Cream is a dessert stall at the ever popular food park Sagul Malingap Food Park at Teachers Village and they have the answer to all your trippy cravings. Picture this: massive scoops of ice cream on warm, fudgy chocolate brownies… or gooey marshmallows… or fresh churros. The best of hot and cold desserts right at your fingertips.

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Milk and Cookies

Cookie shot, cookies n cream ice cream and milk oreo crumbs, chocolate syrup

Photo from @partnersincream_ph

Brownie Point

Classic brownie, chocolate ice cream,  rice crispies/sprinkles, and chocolate syrup

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The team behind Partners in Cream are constantly cooking up new things to keep their menu fresh. They recently introduced churros as a partner (base) for their DIY ice cream. It’s the perfect combination because when the ice cream melts, you can mop up the melted cream with your churro – Yuuuuum.

“Fried” Ice Cream

Photo from @partnersincream_ph

Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, and chocolate syrup

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In addition to Partners in Cream’s set menu, they also have a DIY menu that allows you to choose your partner (base), choose your cream, and choose your topping. It’s the ultimate ice cream spree for those of you who can’t deal with just one element to go with your dessert.

Cereal Killer

Fruitty Pebbles bowl, ice cream, marshmallows, caramel syrup

Photo from @partnersincream_ph

The S’mone

S’mores in a cone

Photo from @partnersincream_ph

Tower of Scoops

9 scoops, good for 8-10 people

Photo from @partnersincream_ph

No reservations accepted
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Sagul Malingap 43 Malingap Street Teachers Village, Quezon City, Philippines
(0916) 246-1306 / (0917)885-6645

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