This… must be… pop!

As what *NSYNC tells us, it’s dirty pop that we can’t stop.

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For all you who aren’t fans of the pop but are here anyway, before you give us pimple popping fans a judge, give it a try first and if you dislike it– we understand, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

Others have ASMR, others have power washing videos but there is a whole bunch of people who absolutely love watching pimple popping and extraction videos… it’s really just so satisfying especially those clean and easy out ones!

Before further ado, we’d like to start with a video on how to make your own Pimple Popping Cupcakes-— yes, cupcakes that look like pimples that are ready to pop (and that you can actually pop)! Gross? Slight… Satisfying? Yes, indeed.

Start Easy…

If you’re new to pimple popping videos then here’s a tame one from Beauty Insider. One of their producers tried out a facial that includes blackhead removal, skin scraping, and a cooling mask.

Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Sandra Lee is one of our favourite and go-to dermatologists when it comes to all things extractions. Everything from how she extracts pimples in such a clean and professional manner to how she talks to her clients during the process is so calming and really makes you wish Dr. Lee was your derma as well!

Here’s a few really good videos from her channel,

Enlisa Brown

There are a bunch of pimple popping videos out there that just look outright disgusting and thankfully, aside from Dr. Sandra Lee, we also have Enlisa Brown. Brown is the CEO of a Texas based skin clinic, Enlisa Skin Essentials; her videos showcase the treatments of her clients such as blackhead extractions and cyst removals.

If you become impatient during the video right below, you can skip on over to the 5 minute mark and enjoy!

Arie Abramovich

Also known as Mr. Blackhead, Arie Abramovich is an esthetician and has over 50 thousand subscribers. His videos are, of course, focused on all kinds of blackhead extractions.

Gà Spa

Gà Spa is a brand hailing from Vietnam and is known as one of the most reputable acne spas in the country. They have close to 200 thousand subscribers and have videos that cover a range of treatments that they do on a daily basis.


This bonus video from BuzzFeed does have some satisfying extractions but also paired with the many kinds of reactions one would expect from unsuspecting viewers; just goes to show that pimple popping isn’t for everyone BUT there is indeed a number of us who dig it. Enjoy and keep doing you!

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