Which Pizza Flavor Are You Based on Your Personality?

Another one bites the crust.

In this day and age, we can all name our go-to pizza flavor in a heartbeat – but what we are and what we eat aren’t necessarily the same, crust us. It’s time we all-meat our true selves, in terms of the one and pepper-onli, pizza.

We’ll stop cheesing you. Go ahead and have a slice time finding out who is supreme. We knead answers!

Which Pizza Flavor Are You?

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Which applies to you on social media?

1. Your bio is your name + "MNL"
2. You've used the following hashtags: #blessed #fambam #sundate
3. You always use the 100 emoji
4. You always try something that's trending
5. You always tag friends in memes

How do you pose for photos?

1. Smile with no teeth
2. Peace sign
3. Look straight into the camera without smiling
4. Smile + wink
5. Give a warm smile usually reserved for only loved ones

What is your love language with your friends?

1. Listening without interruption
2. Physical affection
3. Sharing music
4. Making fun of them lovingly
5. Always down for a good heart-to-heart

What are you most likely to do during a night out?

1. Drink a small amount of alcohol unnoticed, but pretend you've had a lot
2. Drink just enough to become more talkative
3. French exit when drunk
4. Drink slowly and end up being the last man/woman standing
5. Get emotional

What is one trait or habit you're secretly guilty of?

1. You have over 5 shirts that basically look the same
2. You love horror movies but regret it at night or while in the shower
3. You look tough on the outside but you blush on the inside at green jokes
4. You unwillingly laugh at the most inappropriate times
5. A Walk to Remember still makes you cry

All 5 questions completed!

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Which Pizza Flavor Are You?

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