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Matcha, Genmaicha, and Royal Milk Tea. Do these flavors ring a bell?

Wintermelon, Hokkaido, and Okinawa. These are only three among the many flavors of the famous milk tea. Though our favorite drink originated in Taiwan, because of it’s versatility, it has opened itself up to other flavors found all over the world. One such example of such flavors are the ones found in Japan.

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If you’ve fallen in love with matcha, then you have definitely tasted a milk tea that makes use of Japanese tea leaves and is heavily inspired by these flavors. But did you know that this isn’t the only Japanese milk tea flavors you can try in the metro? Check out some of the popular ones you have to try!

Matcha Milk Tea

Historically only served during tea ceremonies in Japan, matcha has been a flavor that’s growing in popularity worldwide. Made from ground green tea leaves, matcha doesn’t only have a ton of benefits but it’s powder form makes it easier for people to incorporate that sweet and bitter flavor in almost every kind of food/drink.

Matcha Latte with Red Bean and White Pearls from Preso Tea
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Genmaicha Milk Tea

If you’re looking for tea that’s less bitter, then genmaicha is perfect for you. Genmaicha is a mix of green tea leaves and roasted brown rice that gives it an earthy and toasty flavor.

Fun fact: Genmaicha can be mixed with other green teas like houjicha and matcha in other to have more flavor. 
Genmaicha Milk Tea from Presotea
Photo from Facebook | Presotea Australia

Royal Milk Tea

Commonly known as the milk tea in Japan, royal milk tea differs from other milk tea flavors because of how it’s prepared: the tea leaves and milk are boiled and steeped together to create that nutty and strong tea flavor.

Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea from Presotea
Photo from Facebook | Presotea Australia

Jasmine Milk Tea

A milk tea flavor that veers away from earthy tones, Jasmine Milk Tea, most popular in Okinawa, utilizes jasmine flower and infuses them in green tea or oolong tea for that flowery, fragrant taste.

Jasmine Milk tea from Presotea
Photo from @presoteacanada

Houjicha Milk Tea

If coffee has a decaf option, so does tea. A kind of tea that has low caffeine content, Houjicha is actually made from roasted stems and leaves, roasted for decaffeination and for that warm, nutty tea flavor.

Houjicha Latte with Green Tea Ice Cream from Presotea
Photo from @christine_ramilo

These milk tea flavors are only the tea(p) of the iceberg and it’s up to you to find out which of them is something you’ll come back to time and again!

Can’t go to Japan to try these milk tea flavors out? No worries, Presotea has brought those flavors right here in Metro Manila.


With over 400 branches internationally, Presotea serves up brew-to-order teas that promise to not only be healthy and fresh but also flavorful.

Fun fact: Most of their milk tea flavors have a base of Japanese tea or are heavily inspired by Japanese flavors. 
Presotea Interiors
Photo from Booky

Looking to try one of their offerings? We suggest you try out these two flavors.

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Large PPJ (Pearl, Pudding, and Jelly)

Price: Buy 1 Get 1 Large PPJ for ₱150
Large PPJ from Presotea
Photo from Booky

Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato with Red Bean

Price: Buy 1 Get 1 Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato with Red Bean for ₱150
Japanese Genmaicha Milk Tea with Red Bean from Presotea
Photo from Facebook | Presotea Philippines

To claim your BOGOs from Presotea, just follow the steps below:

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