Have Michelin Star Meals and Service at Q&A Kitchen + Bar

It’s an unforgettable dining experience that’ll take your taste buds on a journey across Europe.

When you mention the words: quality service, high brow dishes, and polished, elegant interiors, the kind of restaurants you can associate with those words are probably fine dining restaurants.

And though you’re not mistaken, did you know that there are restaurants that you can associate with these words that aren’t necessarily fine dining? One such restaurant is Q & A Kitchen + Bar.

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Q & A Kitchen + Bar Logo
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Located in one of the busiest areas in the Metro – Salcedo Village, Makati – on the second floor of a building that blends into the neighborhood is Q & A Kitchen + Bar, a hidden gem in the city of Makati that’s worth the find.

For a restaurant that claims to offer “quality and attention for those who seek of Michelin starred food and service”, it’s obvious that they’re not afraid to set the bar high.

Q & A Kitchen + Bar Interiors
Photo from Booky

By the looks of it, however, they’re not ones to back down from a challenge. The moment you step through their entrance and marvel at their interiors, you can tell that they’re also in the business of turning words to deeds and are no doubt excelling at their endeavors.

Meticulously curated by Eric Paras, Q & A’s interiors evoke a sense of comfort through its bespoke pieces of furniture and rich, deep, color palette of greens and browns.

Q & A Kitchen + Bar Interiors
Photo from Booky

However, this feast for the eyes is only the tip of the iceberg.

Taking inspiration from several European cuisines, Q & A Kitchen + Bar offers Modern European style dishes that’ll take your taste buds on a trip around Europe.

Fruits and Vegetables from Q & A Kitchen + Bar
Photo from Booky

Have a taste of their wide selection of dishes ranging from the traditional to the modern prepared by none other than their resident 2-Michelin star chef, Chef Alain Raye.

Fun fact: All of their dishes make use of the best of both local and international ingredients which they personally handpick. 
Food from Q & A Kitchen + Bar
Photo from Booky

Ciabatta with Calabrian Chili Butter

Start your meal with this light, buttery dish that has a surprising yet welcome spicy kick in the end.

Ciabatta with Calabrian Chili Butter from Q & A Kitchen + Bar
Photo from Booky

Chef’s “Pici”

Indulge in seafood pasta created out of passion and a lot of patience. The Chef’s “Pici” is a dish that comprises of squid ink pasta, 9-hour braised and grilled polpo, cheery tomatoes, and garlic.

Pici, Octopus, Squid Ink Pasta from Q & A Kitchen + Bar
Photo from Booky

Garganelli, “Fall-off-the-Bone” Beef Brisket Bourguignon

An interesting take on a European classic, have a try of their pasta coated with a rich, flavorful beef bourguignon sauce.

Garganelli, Beef Brisket Bourguignon from Q & A Kitchen + Bar
Photo from Booky
Fun fact: All of their pastas are handmade.

Grilled 350g U.S. Angus Skirt Steak

Dine on quality meat topped with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, arugula and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Angus Skirt Steak from Q & A Kitchen + Bar
Photo from Booky

Manila Clams

Have a bowl of satisfying manila clams with chorizo, chillies, tomatoes, and ginger that’s served with toasted ciabatta.

Manila Clams from Q & A Kitchen + Bar
Photo from Booky

Chocolate and Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches

End your meal on a sweet note with their chocolate and coffee ice cream sandwiches with toffee, coffee jelly, and syrup.

Chocolate and Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches from Q & A Kitchen + Bar
Photo from Booky

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you plan to a night out with family, close friends, or your partner, Q & A Kitchen + Bar is the place to be for sophisticated yet familiar European dishes that you surely will enjoy.

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2/F ACCM Bldg., 102 San Agustin St., Salcedo Village, Makati
(0917) 859-5678

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