17 Photos of Ramen To Get You Through The Day

No boyfriend? No problem!

Sure having a significant other is great,  but what’s a stable relationship compared to a piping hot bowl of ramen? When the temperature drops, most people want nothing more than a special someone to steal hoodies from or cuddle with.

Forget that! Who needs men when you can have ramen? Here are 17 photos that prove, once and for all, that ramen is bae.

I mean…

Taka Ramen, photo from Booky

… come on.

Taka Ramen, photo from Booky

Love when my baby is lookin’ thiccccc

Photo from @hanamaruken_ph

Interested Tom Hiddleston GIF

When you find yourself a babe

Photo from @rokusushiramen

who reminds you of the ocean, 

Photo from @hanamaruken_ph

never let them go.

The only sort of bone I crave…

Season 5 Lick Lips GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race S5

… is bone broth, tbh.

Photo from @ramennagimanila

Send noods… lots of them.

John Goodman GIF

Isn’t it amazing when (ra)men

… turn a bad day around with a CORNy joke?

Photo from @ramennagimanila

… know when to be CHEESY in all the right ways

Photo from @mitsuyadoseimen

… can make something so WRONG feel so right?

Photo from Booky

Yummy Jackie Chan GIF

We love ‘men with substance.

Photo from Booky

‘Men who are strong…

Photo from Booky

… but are more than just a hunk of meat.

Photo from @maraxchua

Suddenly I’m thirsty…

Photo from @andreimagora

I think I’ve sprung a LEEK

Photo from @rokusushiramen

O… M… G…

Photo from @ippudoph

Get all up in my guts… NOW!

Photo from @tsutaphilippines

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