Warts the problem?!

We can probably all agree that warts are annoying… they’re tiny little blemishes on the skin that pop up out of nowhere and what’s worse, they can get extremely tempting to pick on!

DON’T PICK ON THEM and don’t even attempt to remove warts on your own. You’ve probably searched on Google “wart removal” and found a number of results encouraging DIY removal with apple cider vinegar or even duct tape!

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These can be effective on a case to case basis but these are definitely not safe as removing them on your own makes you prone to infection. Removing them without proper equipment will open a wound and this’ll easily attract viruses that’ll cause it to spread more and you’ll probably end up with more warts and worse, an infection.

If you’re looking for an effective treatment then you’ve definitely come to the right place. RCC Amazing Touch specialises in wart removal and you know what? It’s relatively painless and will leave you with no scars!

RCC Amazing Touch

Bid your blemishes goodbye with RCC Amazing Touch’s breakthrough treatments to give you picture-perfect skin! Specializing in skin blemish removal treatments, RCC Amazing Touch is here to give you the best in the business.

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Photo from Booky

RCC Amazing Touch has a non-surgical approach to removing your warts so you can be assured that it’s painless, affordable, and with minimal scarring!

Non-Surgical and Non-Anaesthetic Warts Removal

Price: ₱3,500 ₱2,400

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Have other skin concerns? They have a bunch of other offers with Booky because beauty doesn’t need to be expensive! Look your best without breaking the bank!

Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Facial Treatment
for Two

Price: ₱990 ₱695

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Syringoma Removal

Price: ₱3,500 ₱2,400

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Whitening Facial Treatment for Two

Price: ₱990 ₱695

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