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It comes as no surprise to many that if you’re in need of a quick and reliable fix of milk tea, you can get it at Serenitea! And now that Serenitea is celebrating their 11th anniversary, they’ve got a jumbo surprise that’s guaranteed to end this year with a bang. So, if you’re a milk tea fan on a budget, this could be the ultimate offer for you!

From December 17 to 19, you can treat yourself to Serenitea’s jumbo-sized milk tea cup. And by jumbo, we mean an actual liter. All you have to do is order a large-sized cup of their top 10 drinks of 2019 from 2 PM to 10 PM and you’ll get a free upgrade to their 1 Liter cup.

Fruitea in Serenitea's jumbo cup
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Here’s a list of their top drinks for 2019: Traditional Milk Tea, Wintermelon Frost, Wintermelon Milk Tea, Taro Lover, Brown Sugar, Okinawa Milk Tea, Hokkaido Milk Tea, Milo Dino, Aloha Fruit Tea, and a selection of their Fruiteas.

Serenitea Jumbo cup with milk tea
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The promo starts today, so make sure to drop by and get your jumbo cup of milk tea! We just have one question: Kaya mo ba ‘to? For more information on their promo, check out Serenitea’s Facebook page and Instagram account.

In case you missed it

With over 70 branches across the Metro, it’s no wonder Serenitea is a crowd favorite. This homegrown brand offers almost every kind of pearl milk tea and tea latte out there.

milk tea buy one get one serenitea thai tea wintermelon hong kong milk tea
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While even their most basic teas will leave you feeling satisfied, people come to Serenitea for the level of customization that they offer, from sinkers to ice and sugar levels

We at Booky are no strangers to the milk tea hype – a big portion of our team actually orders milk tea on a daily basis, and Serenitea is one of our favorites! We did a poll on our favorite Serenitea products, and here are the results:

10. Fries and Dip

Mexican-inspired French fries with special house blend tartar sauce

serenitea fries and dip
Photo from @iloveserenitea

9. Mexican Wings

Deep-fried chicken wings, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside flavored with authentic spices, sharp in flavor, mildly spicy

mexican wings chike
Photo from @iloveserenitea

8. Yakult Series

Healthy Yakult mixed with your choice of fruit juice

yakult milk tea fruit tea serenitea
Photo from Serenitea

7. Matcha Latte

House blend matcha green tea with creamy milk over ice

matcha latte milk tea serenitea
Photo from @iloveserenitea

6. Thai Tofu

Deep-fried tofu cubes served with Serenitea’s signature chili and garlic sauce

spicy chicken chops serenitea snacks
Photo from @chestrtgp

5. Assam Black Tea

Full-bodied black tea base with creamy milk tea

assam black milk tea serenitea
Photo from Booky

4. Chocolate Drinks

Different creamy milk teas and iced drinks with rich chocolate, including favorites like Milo Dino, Choco Royal Milk Tea, and Malty Choco Milk Tea

chocolate drinks serenitea milk tea
Photo from @iloveserenitea

3. Fruit Teas

Soothing green tea or robust black tea infused with the fruit of your choice

calamansi lychee grapefruit fruit tea serenitea
Photo from Booky

2. Taro Lover

Ube or taro yam flavor with creamy milk

ube taro lover drink serenitea
Photo from @iloveserenitea

1. Spicy Chicken Chop

Breaded chicken strips sprinkled generously with zesty spices

spicy chicken chop snacks serenitea
Photo from @iloveserenitea

Chuchu We’ve heard your pleas and now, the long wait is over. Thanks to Booky’s exclusive new deal with Serenitea , you can enjoy DOUBLE THE TEA! 

Which of our top 10 favorites made your list too?

If you can’t get enough of Serenitea like us, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve got a deal for you. You can DOUBLE THE TEA with us and get twice the milk teas and fruit teas at 30% off!

Royal Milk Tea

A distinctly creamy and sweet Thai Milk tea that’s impossible to say no to.

Price: 2 orders for only ₱210 ₱147!
royal milk tea serenitea
Photo from Booky

Traditional Milk Tea

Price: 2 orders for ₱210 ₱147!
Photo from Booky

Aloha Fruit Tea

Price: 2 orders for ₱140 ₱98!
Aloha Fruit Tea from Serenitea
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Before you head over to Serenitea to claim these exciting new drink deals, we hope you can consider bringing your own reusable straws. By reducing your consumption of single-use plastic straws, you will be doing a huge service to the environment. If you are not yet building the habit, today is a good day to start!

To claim these offers from Serenitea, just follow the steps below:

  1. Download Booky’s app and sign up for a free trial
  2. Scan the QR code at the counter
  3. Pick a coupon to avail

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