Shake it Up: Shakey’s Weirdest and Most Unique Pizza Toppings!

Shake shake sh-sh-sh-Shakey’s!


A restaurant that’s been serving up comfort food favorites that are perfect for sharing with family members or within a barkada for over 40 years, it comes as no surprise that when we’re craving for mojos, spaghetti, chicken, and of course pizza, Shakey’s is definitely the go-to restaurant chain.

Photo from Facebook | ShakeysPH

But did you know that even if they have a set menu of Filipino favorites that make their customers come back time and again, they’re not afraid to shake things up to expose our palates to different, weird, and no doubt unique pizza toppings to create a variety of pizza flavors?

Curious to know what those are? Then, check out our list down below!

Note: Just because they're weird/unique doesn't mean that they don't taste good. We suggest that when it comes to these flavors: "Don't knock it 'till you've tried it". 

Cali Kani

Topped with unique toppings like kani, fish roe, nori, and peaches, to name a few of the ingredients, the Cali Kani was one of their known pizzas that attempt to imitate the flavors of another dish – California Roll – and succeeds in doing so.

Who might’ve appreciated it: People who are avoiding rice but love a good California Roll.

Note: This pizza was offered for a limited time only and is no longer available on their menu. 
Cali Kani by Shakey's Philippines
Photo from Shakey’s Philippines | Facebook

Christmas Ham

Released a few holidays ago, this pizza topped with Christmas ham, pineapple, bell pepper, and drizzled with sweet ham glaze may sound weird but if ham between pandesal works then ham on top of crust (which is similar to bread) may have worked well too.

Who may have appreciated it: Those who love everything about Christmas and Christmas dishes.

Note: This pizza was offered for a limited time only and is no longer available on their menu. 
Christmas Ham Pizza from Shakey's Philippines
Photo from Shakey’s Philippines | Facebook

Scallop Primo

A premium seafood pizza loaded with baby scallops, crab, kani, basil strips, and parsley flakes, the Scallop Primo sure is a fancy pizza. But with the rarity of scallops on pizzas, let’s just say that if this pizza tickled your fancy, then you’ve got quite some taste.

Who may appreciate it: People who love scallops and those who want to be reminded of the beach in the summer.

Scallop Primo by Shakey's Philippines
Photo from @shakeysph

Smoked Salmon

The Smoked Salmon is another premium seafood pizza this time topped with slivers of smoked salmon, bits of mozzarella, chunks of cream cheese, and lemon juice.

Though topping the pizza with salmon and cream cheese may sound weird, we can’t contest the logic behind this creation – salmon and cream cheese do go great together on a piece of bread.

Who may appreciate it: People who like bagel lox and those who just love salmon in general.

Smoked Salmon Pizza from Shakey's Philippines
Photo from @saansaph

Cheesy Chick’n

You may be wondering, what’s so weird about chicken and cheese on a pizza? Well, this pizza, in particular, has Quorn pieces on it – a chicken substitute that does taste like chicken but is made of mycoprotein – a nutritionally healthy protein source.

This ingredient is something new and rarely used on a pizza but if you’re health conscious, let’s say that this pizza may hit the spot for you.

Who may appreciate it: Health-conscious people and those like their pizzas meat-free.

Chick'n Cheese Pizza from Shakey's Philippines
Photo from Shakey’s Philippines | Facebook by @migoyunggoy

No that we’ve listed all the weird toppings and unique pizza flavors, find one you want to try? If none, you can stick to your favorites! Even better, you can avail TWO ORDERS OF YOUR SHAKEY’S FAVORITES for less!

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Bunch of Lunch

Get 1 pc chicken, Skiletti with garlic bread, two slices Hand-Tossed Hawaiian Delight Pizza, and Mojos.

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Bunch of Lunch from Shakey's Philippines
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Breakfast Bunch

Get a six-inch Solo Pizza served with Egg and Garlic bread as well as your choice of UCC Coffee Americano or Mango Juice.

Price: Get 2 orders for ₱299!
Breakfast Bunch from Shakey's Philippines
Photo from Shakey’s Philippines

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